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"Billions of Bucks: A Cyberpunk Revue" in Harvard Sq. to Bamberg
Bangalore to CaptnKrunch
Caputsic to Deutschland
DevCore to Florissant, MO
Flurpo to Hack in The Box Kuala Lumpur 2010
Hack into OBD-II port of your car to HardHack 2009
Hardware Freedom Day to Jozi HackerSpace
João Pessoa to MAG Lab Fundraising Raffle
MAG Lab Grand Opening to Münster
N0R73 to Pakistan
Palazzolo Acreide to Rootdevel Hackerspace
Rootkea to Stratum0
Stratum 0 to The Faculty
The Flat Surface Pattern to Vers
Victoria to हैकरgram (Hackergram), Bhopal
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