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General Agenda[edit]

The following agenda is meant to be a rough outline. The order of the middle items will vary, especially as weekly meetings get established.

First: Go over agenda, add anything and approve - 5 mins

  • Go over work completed with weekly goals
  • Go over new items
  • Discuss what to do with each item

Last: Plan of action (goals with dates) - 5 mins

Thursday 10/21/10[edit]

We are meeting at the new space: 328 Main Street, Suite 15 You may call the number on the main page if you get lost.


Other topics:

  • Readying the space
  • Dues
  • Insurance update

Tues 7/6/10[edit]

Some items of discussion:

  • Progress with finding members
  • Progress with Spaces
  • What needs to be done with communication infrastructure:

- Wiki - Website - Facebook - Mailing List - Contacts list - Stuff list

Also, go over progress with:

  • Troy - Preliminary dependency chart
  • Steve

- Discussions with other hackerspaces

- Make budget sheet available to committed members

Tues 6/29/10[edit]

Goals with Hackerspace[edit]

Mins: 10

  • What is the "feeling" we want around the space?
  • What kinds of expectations should we have of meetings and each other?

- getting work done

- responding to each other

- meeting structure

Funding ideas[edit]

Mins: 10-20

  • Shows
  • Memberships
  • Services

Discuss progress[edit]

Mins: 15

  • Searching for a place
  • Spreadsheet of inventory of stuff


Mins: 20

  • Vending Machine
  • CNC kit
  • Flutter wind turbine