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Hackerspaces Projects[edit]

List projects that exist in different hackerspaces (i.e. keep them general!). Make it easier for other hackers to adopt your project by sharing know-how, OR, adopt existing projects yourself, and let us know how it worked! Help geographically-distant people with the same interests to easily find & learn from each other.

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Projects at CCC events: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, (etc)


 WhyKeywordsWhereModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
DatenspurenDatenspuren8 February 2024 01:57:10
Seltzer CRMWe need to track membershipssoftwareMelbourne Makerspace (Florida USA)
22 August 2022 19:57:28
Hackerspace HardwareBecause we canhardwareDigitales Aachen e.V. (digitac)
Hackerspace Brisbane
Das Labor
9 July 2021 16:32:17
Hackerspace CensusThis page coordinates efforts of numerous volunteers that check on their local hackerspaces if they're still in, contentHackerspaces.org10 April 2021 21:54:14
HackingResearchCoordinating Research Resources on Hackers and Spaceshackerspaces, research, resources14 November 2020 00:03:59
Hackers at CERNVisit the CERN in GenevaCERN,travel/tmp/lab13 November 2020 23:36:45
Computerclub OstfrieslandComputerclub OstfrieslandD - 26835 Hesel
Kirchstraße 15
11 June 2020 18:29:38
FuturagoraTomar5 November 2019 19:55:28
2018 survey of expectationsThis is the analysis of the small initial 2018 survey into peoples expectations of hacker/maker-style workshops/spaces.survey, theory, questionnaire, expectations, tools, community, study2 March 2018 00:56:06
LaBx - HackerSpaces@Bordeauxhacklab and moreFrance
2 February 2018 09:55:48
Ideaworks Garden Sphere ProjectPlanning group for building the Open Source IKEA/Space 10 Growroom aka "Garden Sphere" in Fresno and competing in 59 Days of Code.vertical gardening hydroponics sustainable coding water conservation drought self sufficient growingFresno Ideaworks30 July 2017 02:01:19
InclinePhysicsLearn and have funIncline Village21 July 2017 10:27:28
Make a 3d printer at homeIran
18 July 2017 15:14:29
MakerSchool.HKThe aim is to establish a hardware-focused equivalent of Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School) in Hong Kong.maker, hardware, digital fabrication, diy, schoolHong Kong2 November 2016 16:15:40
SpaceMQTTMany hackspaces use MQTT internally for ... basically everything. So let's build a MQTT bridge between hackspaces!mqttDevlol
3 August 2016 20:10:09
VIPA mobile open lab in 3 continents to create social engaged work within local contextGambiarra, improvised solution, material re-appropriation, reflective transformation, meta-recycling, logiciels libres, sustainable consumption, creative activismRio de Janeiro
8 January 2016 19:46:30
Home Automation HackingMany of the home automation products started from open-source roots and have been closed with the latest commercial offerings. Several products require a monthly subscription and internet access. We believe that a home-brew approach is often times a better fit for hackers who want to automate their home. By using commercial hardware with open-source and custom software we can better configure the automation to our lives.Home Automation, Wink Hub, Vue, GE, ZiGBee, Z-wave, Security, lights, electricity, smart energy, safe control.OlyMEGA2 September 2015 17:14:30
Rad1oSDR for the people! The Rad1o badge was delivered to attendants of the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 by a team from the MuCCC.SDR, CCCMuCCC1 September 2015 15:35:03
Oscilador controlado por fuerzafcoArduino, Sensors, MusicBariloche6 August 2015 13:04:48
Dead Tree LoversHackers who care about booksbooks,libraryOpenLab Augsburg
2 July 2015 01:00:02
Creating a mind controlled bionic arm with the emotiv epoc headsetthese days prosthetic and bionic arms are not fully controllable and theyre expensive,so my goal is to create one whic is inexpensiveX29 November 2014 22:32:45
ToolsThis is a tools and resources page to help Site3 members know what tools can be,references,materials,learning,instructions,Site3 Co-laboratory9 October 2014 19:23:10
HackerBotHackerBot 3D printer is excellent choices for prototyping, education, home shops, small-run production, custom manufacturing, and light industrial jobs.

Each HackerBot can be customized with a suite of options and accessories to expand its utility.

Our commitment to modular design principles means the latest accessories can be fit to any printer, regardless of purchase date so your printer can grow with your interests.
3d printer, hackerbot, open source,OSHW.IT16 September 2014 12:34:48
FcofcoBariloche28 May 2014 20:32:09
London Structural Sound ProjectArtist Florian Tuercke together with arebyte gallery intends to transform the area of Hackney Wick, East London and its surroundings, to one with the highest density of public microphones in the world. The project is participatory in its nature and invites the public to take a crucial part in its production through the distribution of the microphones thought out the vicinity of the gallery and in return offers an unheard experience of their local area and of the city of London in general.sound, art, urban, community, london, contact microphones, DIY, arebyte gallery, hackney wickArebyte gallery21 April 2014 19:44:21
EasternSuburbsMakersTo open a makerspace in the Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and play with tech toys at just two steps from the beaches.makerspace, sydney, arduino, open source hardware, 3d printing, woodworkingSydney Eastern Suburbs21 March 2014 01:31:49
Dr^k wikidrik wiki is a NETlab under permanent transformation hosted on .drik magazine wiki net lab mexico houston monterrey costa mesa franz francisco zubizarreta alonso cedillo mata katia haus moore delia beatriz martinezInternet (drik magazine's hosting)16 March 2014 21:42:55
Hackerspace Retroshare BackboneRetroshare ( is a decentralised, friend-to-friend social network. High-uptime, locally-trusting nodes based in hackerspaces could help bootstrap an efficient inter-'space encrypted network even beginners can use.anonymous, crypto, encryption, privacy, anarchism, decentralise, freedom, communication, social, network, interhackerspace, global, discussionNexus Cork11 February 2014 12:49:00
KenoNitroProjectto hack Nature - by decoding a natural Sourcecodephilosophy, information, matter, mind, artificial intelligence, advanced nanotechnologies, systemtheory, metaphysicsInet - Generationsgame.com15 September 2013 06:03:47
Does somebody have a 3d printer?beacuse shapeways wants to charge me $9000 for thisCeres ca10 August 2013 23:51:26
Solar oven engine creates free electricityUsing fresnel lens dome and sealed solar oven create free electricity and powerfresnel lens dome, solar oven engineAnywhere in the world. Am located on East coast of U.S.A.8 July 2013 19:30:39
Open Source SaturdaysUse the combined hive mind of software geeks at all hackerspaces to work on open source projectsopen source saturday softwareMakers Local 256
All the other hackerspaces!
28 June 2013 00:08:01
Help build a real CyberinstituteThere's a need for real cyber skills & R&D HubGCOEME27 May 2013 15:15:48
T-flashadd more functions to T-flash cardT-flashLargo City Makersapce23 April 2013 16:03:49
Hack into OBD-II port of your carClear "CHECK ENGINE" light wirelessly. open-source project.obd2, pic32, CAN protocol, K-line protocolU.S. / International
Throughout the USA
2 April 2013 19:29:40
Hacker Hostel Berlin 2009/10For the good and win and phun and non-profit!Berlin, apartment, 26C3Hackerspaces.org14 March 2013 11:29:02
Balneário Camboriucriação de espaçoBalneario camboriu15 February 2013 19:19:32
ProcesosBariloche6 February 2013 23:43:49
SignalBecause we can... and for fun and non-profit, of course.signal, radio, podcast, station, showRandomdata
Alpha One Labs
Revelation space
26 January 2013 02:00:31
Splinch3d berlinNew project in Neukölln; seeking to create an open space for capturing, editing and printing 3d objects. A place to learn, experiment, create, develope and experience 3d technologies....reprap, photogrammetry, blender, meshlab, screen printing, artists books@ RISE berlin art space
22 January 2013 14:25:35
Recycle reminderto make recycling a priorityrecyclingDFW Makers Club21 January 2013 04:34:11
Constellationplatform for research projects that use distributed computers to do research in various aerospace related sciences and engineering.constellation, distributed computing, boinc, hackerspace global gridNot affiliated3 January 2013 14:51:37
MarquesiCómo preparar un MarquesiDrinksBariloche27 December 2012 15:35:39
Community Space NetworkSpreading locally developed services on a global scaleservice, product, development, business, spread, curriculum, learning, eLearningAnywhere25 November 2012 18:40:29
DoctorBioDieselDoctorBioDieselBioDieselU.S. / International8 August 2012 22:51:48
Hack your Peek!Got a Peek, want to hack it!New Orleans
26 June 2012 16:32:14
WikiSpacesCreating Synergies Between Hacker Spaces WikisWikiSpaces, MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, hackerspacesNYC Resistor
Helsinki Hacklab
Alpha One Labs
15 June 2012 13:55:36
End of year locker filterSo students will not be lazy and throw all papers in the trash bin.end, of, year, locker, filterSchool22 May 2012 18:27:48
Hackerspaces Global Space ProgramWhat would be the best way to build a starship able to reach the stars after decades of travel? This question is what has been asked by DARPA and NASA AMES in their “100 YEAR STARSHIP™ STUDY”. Our answer: a global consortium of Hackerspaces!space stars development darpa 100yss grantNoisebridge
Connected Community
Alpha One Labs
Maui Makers
22 May 2012 05:02:59
IntermeshTo free cyberspace from corporate and governmental dictatorshipinternet, mesh network, space program, communication satteliteGlobally7 May 2012 22:56:41
HexapodhexapodhexapodFrance5 May 2012 16:17:21
Protolab movilA project of training and dissemination of art and electronic culture and sustainable knowledge through the production of workshops, events and copyleft tutorials.interdscTijuana1 May 2012 21:26:27
MutuelleFaire du business??France24 April 2012 15:32:18
Fun recycleing bin topsTo have people recyclefun, recycleing, bin, topsStuart Hackersspace Club29 March 2012 19:03:26
Freifunkwi-fi community networkingwi-fiChaosdorf
FNordeingang Neuss
21 March 2012 20:05:01
Love tech? Share your expertise w/kids as a summer instructor!Share your passion and expertise with kids in a fun and innovative environment.San Francisco Bay Area19 March 2012 22:13:59
HACK: a curated design and art exhibitionHACK: a curated design and art exhibition. Kickstarter project !Mitch Altman, kickstarter, art, design, exhibition, philly, PhiladelphiaThe Hacktory
Hive 76
NextFab studio
12 March 2012 05:54:55
UbiquisenseOSC is the silver bullet for crafting,music, tangible interactionsosc, ubicompToulouse2 March 2012 17:26:48
MicroControllersBuild Custom Computer for Specific Purposesmicrocontroller, fpga, arduinoLiure
Das Labor
16 February 2012 02:27:35
IP TV HackHack IP TVTehran13 February 2012 08:07:10
CamfrogHacker@anakmelayu7 February 2012 21:33:34
Environmental interactive music boxNovel media form for generating soundartsound-art. music, interactive, humidity, temperatureATX hackerspace1 February 2012 21:09:05
Www.thekfort.comGreen living, sustainable lifesurvival, green, energy, sustainable, wilderness, fort, adventure, funMaine
2 January 2012 02:14:26
James huffythis guy is a fraudJames.huffy801@artlover.com13 December 2011 16:46:28
NanodeNanode is an open source, low cost platform allowing you to quickly develop web connected gadgetsArduino, Internet of Things, Smart Sensors, Pachube, ThingspeakLondon Hackspace
Oxhack (Oxford)
Nottinghack (Nottingham) OEM (North Wales).
10 December 2011 16:28:19
Centennial ChallengesCreate, Compete, Win, Moneyprize money challenges centennial NASAThroughout the USA6 December 2011 18:04:46
KlicqBizFSE501 Technology Entrepreneurship ProjectFSE501, Technology Entrepreneurship, DeCoTech, KlicqBizGoogleDocs
ASU BlackBoard
24 November 2011 06:03:36
GothamHackerCafeNYC Village Needs a Non-Profit WiFi Hacker Public Cafe!!NYC,Gotham,Hacker,Cafe,MakerNYC15 November 2011 18:37:02
Agricultural robotTo save man power and achieve higher accuracy and more care in the aglicultural processEgypt alexandria hackerspace(that is going to be open in the next days)8 October 2011 10:40:21
T Green CNIPrototyping Program
Rapid Prototype of Projects and Programs
Hacker dojo mountain view5 October 2011 17:59:14
DraginoThe goal of the Dragino is to solve the connectivity problem and greatly enhance microcontroller products such as the Arduino.OpenWrt, Linux, Wifi, Arduino, EthernetGlobally13 September 2011 12:31:41
Bedini motor/generator testingBecause playing with electricity is fun!Radiantstream hackersapce12 September 2011 18:41:59
Hackerspaces PassportTo allow hackerspaces to identify members from other spacesNone so far10 September 2011 17:57:30
Hackerbus Tourto improve and promote hacktivismhackerbus, movie, travel, tourEurope30 August 2011 23:25:54
PartKeeprmanage electronics part inventoryelectronics inventoryRaumZeitLabor29 August 2011 20:01:53
Project live chatNeedAnywhere14 August 2011 16:22:16
The Repair ShopLooking for Inventors, Mechanics, Engineers for a new TV programmeUnited Kingdom24 June 2011 10:50:24
CubeSpawnFor all the Fabbers and Makers in HackerlandDIY Open Source FMS Mill RouterSan Antonio ( My Shop21 June 2011 16:21:57
The Cliff - & has.djFreedom of information, facing eviction, 'pirate' and web communication freedom radio music housing squatted cooperative eviction sms textThe Cliff16 May 2011 17:18:55
SkyCrackBecause no one else seems to be able to crack the PA State Police PASTARNet/OpenSky radio communications, Pennsylvania, OpenSky, TDMA 4-slot, USRP, GNU Radio, PASTARNetMachinegeek's hackerden8 May 2011 23:12:22
Free Lunch ComputingEverything is precomputed - industry is a hoax!Chaos, Noise, Fractals, Turing Machines, Bio-photons, Spin ComputingAthens
3 May 2011 13:23:03
MusicTank Mk.IIIA clean energy way of listening to you music wirelessly. Uses solar power to harness the power of electricity in a fun and useful way. The tank also functions as a small power generator offering 400 watts of 110v powerMusic, Energy, Solar, Tank, GreenInfluenSol Hackerspaces2 May 2011 09:57:01
RepRapMetalicaRap Metal powder 3D printer & solar cell printer, Help us improve.fablab,reprap,self-replication,makerbot,usinetteLabitat copenhagen denmark labitat.dk27 April 2011 19:15:17
D.R.E.S.S. F.A.R.M.S.To reclaim gentrified neighborhoods for artists and reality hackers.DIY,berlin,colony,decentralized,manual,cookbook,architecture,building,
Germany (planned)
11 April 2011 11:06:42
CodeBlue/JOB: WebPage DesignI need a PrestaShop Themewebdesign, belfastFarsetLabs24 February 2011 23:31:52
Ubqt::ezmojobecause ubiquity is on our quantic genesarduino, java, eclipse, rcp, xbee, osc, ableton, tuio, multitouchUbqt19 February 2011 12:32:40
Sticker Exchangewe carry stickers everywhere, but what about those hard-to-reach places?sticker, exchangeGlobal9 February 2011 23:15:32
FredHack/Bluetooth USB adapterFredHack12 January 2011 19:11:46
FredHack/Bluetooth flash drive adapterFredHack12 January 2011 19:11:21
FredHack/RepstrapBecause who doesn't need a 3D printerFredHack12 January 2011 19:09:31
FredHack RepStrapBecause who doesn't need a 3D printerFredHack11 January 2011 14:37:41
APO33APO33 is a not-for-profit association/artists collective founded by Julien Ottavi in 1996. APO33 research practices cross philosophy, poetry, visual, sonic art and anything else that may arrive through collaborative working. APO33 operates across networked and physical spaces and develops tools (hardware/software) for creative projects and the wider FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) community of artists and programmers.hacker, artists, noise, floss, medialab, apodio, gnu/linuxNantes24 December 2010 10:33:10
TAKRIZ : Anti CensorshipInternet is censored in Tunisia and MENAcensorship, freedom, africa, arabMENA18 December 2010 14:39:50
Challenge 2010; Decrypt This MessageAlpha One Labs27 November 2010 21:05:32
CopisterioF2f content sharing has a lots of posibilitiescopisterio, face to face, peer to peer, real life sharing, filteringDowngrade Hackerspace18 November 2010 00:36:27
Open Access Control for Hacker SpacesWe need flexible RFID locksRFID Wiegand26 ArduinoBlack Lodge
23b Shop
12 November 2010 18:16:32
Hackers In JapanHIJ (Hackers In Japan) was an idea which is started by a few Japan fansHacker Japan visit 2010Japan11 November 2010 14:41:51
Kuaninj4sCause Mexican hackers are people t00. / Guanajuato community.
  1. ninjas #espionaje #geeks #l33t #sociedad #política #libertad
En el estado de Guanajuato.2 November 2010 12:55:28
Electric generator workshopdevelop a working knowledge of electricial generation & conditioningelectric generator turbine wind mill magnet wire free energy renewable off grid inverter alternateExtinction30 October 2010 16:39:30
Build a tardis consoleto run various mixing programs and music instrument synths.tardis, console, scifi, steampunk, touch screen, virtual DJ, ThereminExtinction23 October 2010 07:33:25
Building a DALEKfun and experience.Dalek steampunk doctor who scifi hardware hacking modification metal work fiberglass fabricationExtinction23 October 2010 06:46:45
Facial Recognitionfacial recognition software to open sourceFacial,Webcam,RecognitionGUTSU20 October 2010 12:14:53
White Star Balloonrecord-setting, unmanned, scientific explorationballoon, UAV, transatlanticLVL112 October 2010 14:47:50
Testing the security of this pageBecause security is something websites should have...On the website21 September 2010 22:01:24
Universal Grid ComputingFree web access, free storage, free processing.distributed, grid computing, super computer, storage, data sharing, search, ect.Alpha One Labs
List yours now!
17 August 2010 14:51:44
GPS cruise control, speeds up automaticallyTo avoid unnecessary speeding ticketsGPS, tickets, speeding, carsMidsouth Makers7 August 2010 18:52:44
Hacknight VideosVideo covering Hacknight speeches and interviewspirate bay, pirate party, blackthrows, cypheractivism, mandos, flattr, net nuetrality, smile29, fraMalmö
Sweden (Video is in English)
5 July 2010 08:06:01
ZoybarZoybar is an open R&D Lab for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create music instruments and applications.Zoybar, RepRap, ArduinoWorldwide20 June 2010 09:01:48
Spira Clone for Houston Clime.Because it floats like a butterfly.spira foam ultralight moped scooter carHouston and Detroit17 June 2010 18:51:41
Solid State Orbo ReplicationBecause we all might need it.steorn orbo coils magnets orboneerHouston and Detroit17 June 2010 18:45:51
CATSSCATSS is realtime GPS position tracking system. Name comes from words: “CAT Surveillance System”.Arduino, GPS, RailsTampere Hacklab2 May 2010 17:25:30
Project managementbasic project mangementpmpGran via 5509 April 2010 20:00:39
Hackerspace AwardsTo recognize innovations from hackerspaces and their
2 March 2010 18:36:27
USB Car Power BarGot tired of cheap car chargers, wanted more functionalityusb, car charger, creative, thinkhausThinkhaus.org27 February 2010 16:44:55
Wireless Battle Meshtesting open mesh protocolsopenwrt, babel, batman, olsr, wireless, meshHackerspace Brussels
12 January 2010 14:12:17
RepLab - the Open Source Fab LabTo free production...RepLab, Fab Lab, open source fab labWorldwide
Especially Factor e Farm
7 December 2009 14:48:30
Hacker WritersHacker/writer needed to for short weekly column on hacker initiatives in Web 2.0 and tricks of the trade. Contact if interested.
  1. hacker #social media #opensource
N/A20 November 2009 05:27:05
Tangible tabletangible tables are sooo hack'n rollareactivision, diy, tangible, table, nuigroup, toulouse, tetalabTetalab19 November 2009 08:01:57
LockPicking(Looking) Behind Closed Doorslockpicking, pick, lock, key, door, safeHackLab.TO
Das Labor
27 October 2009 20:31:24
OpenBTSOpen Source GSM Networkopenbts, gsm, telephonyNoisebridge
11 October 2009 12:53:34
Telepresence Wallsto break the bounds of time and space with technologyportal, projector, telepresence, teleconference, audio, video, camera, communication, collaborationFamiLAB
Alpha One Labs
8 October 2009 17:19:20
Abbenay Letters of SupportConvincing a landlord to let a squatter Hackerspace continue!Letters, AbbenayAbbenay Hackspace29 September 2009 19:06:40
Tracker newsNews at a bit-torrent networkstracker,news,bit-tarrentTracker25 September 2009 18:20:31
The Pirate KioskAn offline copy of The Pirate Bay, located at the Kiosk of Piracy.Copyfight, The Pirate Bay, Kiosk of Piracy, The Pirate Kiosk, TPB, TPKKiosk of Piracy23 September 2009 00:47:14
Kiosk of Piracy OSSetup a Linux Live CD which runs "The Pirate Kiosk" (a Pirate Bay Clone).Copyfight, Linux, Live CDKiosk of Piracy21 September 2009 16:08:12
RCCSReplicating the great work at Factor e Farm and improving upon itreplicating, resilient, fabrication, self-sufficiency, community, solar, steam, CEBHelsinki Hacklab
Factor e Farm
3 September 2009 07:52:05
LaserCutterCutting Stuff With Lightlaser, lazar, lazzzor, engraving, cutting, printingNYC Resistor
3 September 2009 03:15:35
Pizza Making MachinePizza Making Machinepizza, machine, make, cool, fun, hotAlpha One Labs3 September 2009 02:53:28
Space for projects(hw) and meetingsWe need a space to settle.Mode 5w3 September 2009 02:52:32
TestPProject Titlesome, test, projectMetalab
3 September 2009 01:25:11