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Purpose of this page[edit]

  • list projects that exist in different hackerspaces (i.e. keep them general!)
  • in order for geographically-distant people with the same interests can easily find each other
  • and make it easier for them to share know-how and build upon this base
  • tag cloud to show which projects have most participation

As this page is likely to list a number of projects, it should only list:

  • project name
  • student name
  • 160 characters definition
  • tags
  • number of hacklabs
  • a link to details

Somehow this list, displayed as a table, should have some automation ("add a project" / "add yourself to a project")

Detailed page[edit]

  • title
  • full description
  • list of involved hackerspaces
  • list of URLs of each hackerspace's publication on the topic
  • contact list
  • aggregated RSS feeds from the various hackerspaces and the project


 WhyKeywordsWhereModification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
2018 survey of expectationsThis is the analysis of the small initial 2018 survey into peoples expectations of hacker/maker-style workshops/spaces.survey, theory, questionnaire, expectations, tools, community, study2 March 2018 00:56:06
APO33APO33 is a not-for-profit association/artists collective founded by Julien Ottavi in 1996. APO33 research practices cross philosophy, poetry, visual, sonic art and anything else that may arrive through collaborative working. APO33 operates across networked and physical spaces and develops tools (hardware/software) for creative projects and the wider FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) community of artists and programmers.hacker, artists, noise, floss, medialab, apodio, gnu/linuxNantes24 December 2010 10:33:10
Abbenay Letters of SupportConvincing a landlord to let a squatter Hackerspace continue!Letters, AbbenayAbbenay Hackspace29 September 2009 19:06:40
Agricultural robotTo save man power and achieve higher accuracy and more care in the aglicultural processEgypt alexandria hackerspace(that is going to be open in the next days)8 October 2011 10:40:21
AssemblyThe Assembly, released online on 19.04.2017, has been created by Dr. Andrej Poleev for purposes of common prosperity, as stated on the corresponding page. All admins, activists or moderators of the internet projects, citizens' initiatives or research groups from all countries responsible or considering themselves responsible for the convocation of national constituent assemblies are invited to participate in this project.association, evolution, coopertion, coalition, assembly, reunion, constitution, foundation, interplay, society, open access,Worldwide25 April 2017 09:19:47
Balneário Camboriucriação de espaçoBalneario camboriu15 February 2013 19:19:32
Bedini motor/generator testingBecause playing with electricity is fun!Radiantstream hackersapce12 September 2011 18:41:59
Build a tardis consoleto run various mixing programs and music instrument synths.tardis, console, scifi, steampunk, touch screen, virtual DJ, ThereminExtinction23 October 2010 07:33:25
Building a DALEKfun and experience.Dalek steampunk doctor who scifi hardware hacking modification metal work fiberglass fabricationExtinction23 October 2010 06:46:45
CATSSCATSS is realtime GPS position tracking system. Name comes from words: “CAT Surveillance System”.Arduino, GPS, RailsTampere Hacklab2 May 2010 17:25:30
CamfrogHacker@anakmelayu7 February 2012 21:33:34
Centennial ChallengesCreate, Compete, Win, Moneyprize money challenges centennial NASAThroughout the USA6 December 2011 18:04:46
Challenge 2010; Decrypt This MessageAlpha One Labs27 November 2010 21:05:32
CodeBlue/JOB: WebPage DesignI need a PrestaShop Themewebdesign, belfastFarsetLabs24 February 2011 23:31:52
Community Space NetworkSpreading locally developed services on a global scaleservice, product, development, business, spread, curriculum, learning, eLearningAnywhere25 November 2012 18:40:29
Computerclub OstfrieslandComputerclub OstfrieslandD - 26835 Hesel
Kirchstraße 15
6 October 2012 22:17:04
Constellationplatform for research projects that use distributed computers to do research in various aerospace related sciences and engineering.constellation, distributed computing, boinc, hackerspace global gridNot affiliated3 January 2013 14:51:37
CopisterioF2f content sharing has a lots of posibilitiescopisterio, face to face, peer to peer, real life sharing, filteringDowngrade Hackerspace18 November 2010 00:36:27
Creating a mind controlled bionic arm with the emotiv epoc headsetthese days prosthetic and bionic arms are not fully controllable and theyre expensive,so my goal is to create one whic is inexpensiveRichardson Texas29 November 2014 22:32:45
CubeSpawnFor all the Fabbers and Makers in HackerlandDIY Open Source FMS Mill RouterSan Antonio ( My Shop21 June 2011 16:21:57
D.R.E.S.S. F.A.R.M.S.To reclaim gentrified neighborhoods for artists and reality hackers.DIY,berlin,colony,decentralized,manual,cookbook,architecture,building,
Germany (planned)
11 April 2011 11:06:42
Dead Tree LoversHackers who care about booksbooks,libraryOpenLab Augsburg
2 July 2015 01:00:02
DoctorBioDieselDoctorBioDieselBioDieselU.S. / International8 August 2012 22:51:48
Does somebody have a 3d printer?beacuse shapeways wants to charge me $9000 for thisCeres ca10 August 2013 23:51:26
Dr^k wikidrik wiki is a NETlab under permanent transformation hosted on .drik magazine wiki net lab mexico houston monterrey costa mesa franz francisco zubizarreta alonso cedillo mata katia haus moore delia beatriz martinezInternet (drik magazine's hosting)16 March 2014 21:42:55
DraginoThe goal of the Dragino is to solve the connectivity problem and greatly enhance microcontroller products such as the Arduino.OpenWrt, Linux, Wifi, Arduino, EthernetGlobally13 September 2011 12:31:41
EasternSuburbsMakersTo open a makerspace in the Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and play with tech toys at just two steps from the beaches.makerspace, sydney, arduino, open source hardware, 3d printing, woodworkingSydney Eastern Suburbs21 March 2014 01:31:49
Electric generator workshopdevelop a working knowledge of electricial generation & conditioningelectric generator turbine wind mill magnet wire free energy renewable off grid inverter alternateExtinction30 October 2010 16:39:30
End of year locker filterSo students will not be lazy and throw all papers in the trash bin.end, of, year, locker, filterSchool22 May 2012 18:27:48
Environmental interactive music boxNovel media form for generating soundartsound-art. music, interactive, humidity, temperatureATX hackerspace1 February 2012 21:09:05
Facial Recognitionfacial recognition software to open sourceFacial,Webcam,RecognitionGUTSU20 October 2010 12:14:53
FcofcoBariloche28 May 2014 20:32:09
FredHack RepStrapBecause who doesn't need a 3D printerFredHack11 January 2011 14:37:41
FredHack/Bluetooth USB adapterFredHack12 January 2011 19:11:46
FredHack/Bluetooth flash drive adapterFredHack12 January 2011 19:11:21
FredHack/RepstrapBecause who doesn't need a 3D printerFredHack12 January 2011 19:09:31
Free Lunch ComputingEverything is precomputed - industry is a hoax!Chaos, Noise, Fractals, Turing Machines, Bio-photons, Spin ComputingAthens
3 May 2011 13:23:03
Freifunkwi-fi community networkingwi-fiChaosdorf
FNordeingang Neuss
21 March 2012 20:05:01
Fun recycleing bin topsTo have people recyclefun, recycleing, bin, topsStuart Hackersspace Club29 March 2012 19:03:26
GPS cruise control, speeds up automaticallyTo avoid unnecessary speeding ticketsGPS, tickets, speeding, carsMidsouth Makers7 August 2010 18:52:44
GothamHackerCafeNYC Village Needs a Non-Profit WiFi Hacker Public Cafe!!NYC,Gotham,Hacker,Cafe,MakerNYC15 November 2011 18:37:02
HACK: a curated design and art exhibitionHACK: a curated design and art exhibition. Kickstarter project !Mitch Altman, kickstarter, art, design, exhibition, philly, PhiladelphiaHive 76
The Hacktory
NextFab studio
12 March 2012 05:54:55
Hack into OBD-II port of your carClear "CHECK ENGINE" light wirelessly. open-source project.obd2, pic32, CAN protocol, K-line protocolThroughout the USA
U.S. / International
2 April 2013 19:29:40
Hack your Peek!Got a Peek, want to hack it!New Orleans
Hack your Peek!#peekdev
26 June 2012 16:32:14
Hacker Hostel Berlin 2009/10For the good and win and phun and non-profit!Berlin, apartment, 26C3Hackerspaces.org14 March 2013 11:29:02
Hacker WritersHacker/writer needed to for short weekly column on hacker initiatives in Web 2.0 and tricks of the trade. Contact if interested.#hacker #social media #opensourceN/A20 November 2009 05:27:05
HackerBotHackerBot 3D printer is excellent choices for prototyping, education, home shops, small-run production, custom manufacturing, and light industrial jobs.

Each HackerBot can be customized with a suite of options and accessories to expand its utility.

Our commitment to modular design principles means the latest accessories can be fit to any printer, regardless of purchase date so your printer can grow with your interests.
3d printer, hackerbot, open source,OSHW.IT16 September 2014 12:34:48
Hackerbus Tourto improve and promote hacktivismhackerbus, movie, travel, tourEurope30 August 2011 23:25:54
Hackers In JapanHIJ (Hackers In Japan) was an idea which is started by a few Japan fansHacker Japan visit 2010Japan11 November 2010 14:41:51
Hackers at CERNVisit the CERN in GenevaCERN,travel/tmp/lab22 February 2010 11:39:14
... further results
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