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Original call-out to the community that ended up in creation of GeekLabs, dated 9 October 2013‎ 16:18.

Hackerspace in Esbjerg[edit]

I am looking to find fellow creative and nerdy types, wanting to take part in the creation and maintenance of an open creative technological community, based around a physical workshop in Western Jutland (a hackerspace).


Long term I would love to witness the formation of a dynamic and creative gathering place, where curious and active kids and adults, beginners and gurus alike can meet informally and engage in synergetic interaction.

I envision the place as being engulfed in a cosy and open atmosphere, where anyone from the street will feel welcome. One of the predominant driving factors for new participants, ought to be that they know that they are able to get help or pointers to help for the scratching of any itches they may have with the technology they are surrounded by in everyday life.

A personal goal of mine is that kids and youngsters can be stimulated in their technical creative interests using the premises and people available there. I find this a disturbingly lacking offer, in the many activities fighting for our youngsters time in today's world.


I imagine a group of core users is going to do the practical work and drive day-to-day activities.

Personally I would prefer avoiding a large budget association with mandatory membership fees, but more to encourage donations of resources of all kinds; eg. monetary, tools, materials, time and knowledge. The driving force should be the desire to be creative and develop skills in unity.

A formal association might be required for engaging in economic transactions on behalf of the group, to relieve any individuals of the legal and economical responsibility of the group's actions.


As the main city of the area, Esbjerg is a good candidate for the physical location of such a place.

For starters I guess meetings could take place at a public library or similar non-permanent place. This, hopefully just to get started discussing the needs and possibilities, then work for getting a physical location established. Specifically I am living near Tjæreborg Bibliotek where a nice meeting room is available for free. When should we meet up? Write me!

We might be able to get hold of some facilities at Tobakken, through Tobakkens Kreative Værksteder. This seems like a very good fit to the purpose, and could lead to even more creative synergies. However, they seem to be keen on owning all equipment located there (point 12, of §2 in vedtægter), which could be a problem as we gather or invest in tools.

If we want to, we ought to be able to get some level of municipal sponsored location (ANVISNING AF KOMMUNALE LOKALER OG UDENDØRSANLÆG, page 6 of FORENINGSGUIDEN). However, this requires a formally established association (a "forening"), and approval by Esbjerg Kommune which might be too much work and put too many restrictions on the use of the place. This needs to be determined (TBD).