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Status closed
Country Italy
State or District Veneto
City Vicenza
Date of founding 2012/01/01
Last Updated 2016-03-27
Snail mail


Membership fee 0
Size of rooms 2 (50m2)
Location 45° 32' 56.64" N, 11° 31' 48.81" E

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Infoshop, hacker space, organic vegetarian B&B, ADA Lab was a research and experimentation cultural centre promoting degrowth and a do-it-yourself approach to techniques and knowledge.

ADA Lab organized workshops and courses in a spirit of sharing and exchange and hosted exhibitions, house concerts, meetings and events. A small collection of books and comics and an info-shop focused on independent publishing, DIY books and alternative information.

Thanks to its bed&breakfast, ADA Lab has been used as a residency by hackers, artists and small groups whose projects shared ADA Lab’s experimental approach and cooperative philosophy.

ADA Lab ran from 2012 to 2015.