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FredHack – Hack List & Inventory 1/20/11

FredHack Hacker Space (Russell’s Address)

3400 Thompson's Mill Rd

Goldvein, VA 22720

38°27’07.6”N 77°38’52.9W


  • vivariums/biospheres (bp)
  • digital micrographs (bp)
  • high altitude photos (bp) (an!)
  • pinhole cameras (bp)


  • simple gene splicing – GFP (bp)
  • new species for bioremediation or other specific functions (bp)


  • basic analytic chemistry - use home experiments book to start (bp)
  • synthetic organic chemistry - fun things like synthesizing flavors, scents, ? (bp)


  • DIY lab instrumentation - UV-VIS spectrophotometer (bp)
  • DIY lab equipment - incubator; shake table/water bath; pcr; (bp)
  • electrophoresis; autoclave; vortex/centrifuge; fume hood; potato guns; (bp)
  • emotiv headset; hobby rockets (bp)
  • DIY GPS (an)
  • 3D printer (Repstrap) (an) (other)
  • DIY plasma table (an)

Current Items to Share/Donate

  • Detached garage (rh)
  • Tons of random (want to make a list?) (rh)
  • An old microscope (bp)
  • Various power tools including a dremel that could be used for a "dremel-fuge" DIY centrifuge (bp)
  • circular saw; mitre saw (bp)
  • White board + easel (bp)
  • A folding-leg table about 2' x 3' (bp)
  • oscilloscope (an)
  • white board (an)
  • projector (an)
  • machine shop capabilities (an)
  • CAD and 11X17 printing (an)

Future Items to Share/Donate

  • Chem & bio glass/plasticware and basic stuff (bp)
  • I plan to get a nice new microscope with digital imager (bp)
  • Trimble sub-foot GPS equipment (an)

Existing Member Websites http://evadot.com/

Other Sites http://netduino.com/ http://www.scq.ubc.ca/ (science creative quarterly) http://reprap.org/wiki/Category:RepStrap http://makezine.com/ http://hackaday.com/ http://battlebots.com