Arch Reactor

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Arch Reactor
Status active
Country United States of America
State or District Missouri
City Saint Louis
Date of founding 2009/06/01
Last Updated 2023-02-11
IRC irc://
Phone 314-59-MAKE-1 (only answered when space is open)
CalendarFeed iCal feed
Snail mail

PO Box 771643

63177-1643 Saint Louis
United States of America

Number of members 75
Membership fee $45/month
Size of rooms 5500 ft²
Location 38° 37' 30.68" N, 90° 12' 53.23" W

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About Arch Reactor[edit]

Are you a self-described ‘techie’ that is looking for your niche? Arch Reactor, St. Louis’ only Hackerspace is a co-op workshop and educational non-profit for techies, tinkerers, and free thinkers. Part arts and technology meeting space, part training ground for new skills and knowledge, Arch Reactor is a place for St. Louis residents to share and receive educational information and training on various topics and skills with access to the tools you may not be able to afford on your own. We offer a work space for all kinds of artistic and technological pursuits.

Arch Reactor started as a wish in June of 2009 with a bunch of people meeting at a pizza place to work out how we could make this great idea happen in St. Louis. Fast forward to December 2009 and we moved into a large room in a 130+ year old Lemp Brewery building. Growing fast, we soon moved to an even larger space (2400 square feet) in the Jefferson Underground building and were there for over five years. We have recently move once again and are in a nearby building with a rich history, leasing a space that is more than twice the size of our current one. Please visit Arch Reactor Moving for more information.


We hold a business meeting every first Tuesday of the month. The following Tuesdays will be taken up with shop safety, building our space, hacking our various projects, and socializing. Our location is also open on Sunday evenings and various weeknights for anyone to work on their own projects, check our calendar for details. All meetings are open to the public and we'd like to see you there. Check our website calendar at Arch Reactor Calendar for other times when our hackerspace will be open. Any full member can open the space at any time. The Arch Reactor website also displays the status of our location as open or closed. Full Vetted members in good standing get 24/7 access to use the space whenever they like.

Upcoming and recent events[edit]

Check our calendar on the Arch Reactor website for upcoming events.

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