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These hackerspaces have a Router Table:

Hackerspaces with a Router Table
  1. Arch Reactor (Arch Reactor)
  2. Bitraf (Bitraf)
  3. Canton Hacker and Maker Place (Canton Hacker and Maker Place)
  4. FamiLAB (FamiLAB)
  5. I3Detroit (I3Detroit)
  6. Ipswich Makerspace (Ipswich Makerspace)
  7. Make-Create (Make-Create)
  8. Maker Cube (Maker Cube)
  9. MicroFactory (MicroFactory)
  10. Schaffenburg (Schaffenburg)
  11. South London Makerspace (South London Makerspace)
  12. Splat Space (Splat Space)
  13. Stratum 0 (Stratum 0)
  14. The Maker Station (The Maker Station)

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