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These hackerspaces have a Router Table:

Hackerspaces with a Router Table
  1. Arch Reactor (Arch Reactor)
  2. Canton Hacker and Maker Place (Canton Hacker and Maker Place)
  3. FamiLAB (FamiLAB)
  4. I3Detroit (I3Detroit)
  5. Make-Create (Make-Create)
  6. MicroFactory (MicroFactory)
  7. Schaffenburg (Schaffenburg)
  8. South London Makerspace (South London Makerspace)
  9. Splat Space (Splat Space)
  10. Stratum 0 (Stratum 0)
  11. The Maker Station (The Maker Station)
  12. Zhengzhou Maker Space (Zhengzhou Maker Space)

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