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Hackerspace Brisbane
Status storage"storage" is not in the list (active, planned, building, closed, unknown, reformatting, suspected inactive) of allowed values for the "Hackerspace status" property.
Country Australia
State or District Queensland
City Brisbane
Date of founding 2009/03/30
Last Updated 2023-12-27
Website https://hsbne.org
Wiki https://wiki.hsbne.org
SpaceAPI https://portal.hsbne.org/api/spacedirectory/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HSBNE
Discord https://discord.gg/WKnrfby
Twitter https://twitter.com/hsbne
GooglePlus https://plus.google.com/communities/115775952043567414080
E-mail contact@hsbne.org
Mailinglist https://forum.hsbne.org/
Snail mail


Number of members 27
Membership fee AUD$100/mo, $30/mo for students/unemployed volunteers, $60/mo for volunteers
Size of rooms 0m²
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? no

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Once Australia's Biggest Hackerspace![edit]

Please note: we currently have no physically activated site, since September 2023.

  • Main Website: https://hsbne.org
  • Visit Us: We used to run regular open days/nights and classes. See our Eventbrite page here.

Membership to discord and the forum is open to all! We encourage all visitors to come along for a visit during one of our open nights. Outside of our designated open events, HSBNE is closed to non-members. If you can't make it to an open event, send us an email and we might be able to work something out.

Why are we here?[edit]

We bring together the community, space and tools for anyone to learn how to build their ideas, from hobbyists and students to professionals and startups.

Where are we?[edit]

Right now, all of our space/tools is in storage, as we were evicted from the previous property.

Our previous campus, Port Hack, included 2 buildings on a 3,500m² plot. We had co-working spaces, a general workroom, a classroom, dedicated Woodworking and Metalworking Facilities, and a Boneyard full of recycled electronics and other things!

What do we do?[edit]

We have people interested in programming, linux, security, Arduino/micro-controllers, electronics, RC (drones, planes, cars etc), electric vehicles, cars, mechatronics/robotics, 3D printing, PCB-etching, metal-casting, woodworking, metalworking and more... If it can be hacked, we like it!