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These hackerspaces have a Sewing Machine:

Hackerspaces with a Sewing Machine
  1. 757 Makerspace (757 Makerspace)
  2. Ace Monster Toys (Ace Monster Toys)
  3. Arch Reactor (Arch Reactor)
  4. Artisan's Asylum (Artisan's Asylum)
  5. AssentWorks (AssentWorks)
  6. Attraktor (Attraktor)
  7. BioClub (BioClub)
  8. Bitraf (Bitraf)
  9. Bloominglabs (Bloominglabs)
  10. Bozeman Makerspace (Bozeman Makerspace)
  11. BricoLabs (BricoLabs)
  12. CBI Maker Space (CBI Maker Space)
  15. CT Hackerspace (CT Hackerspace)
  16. Cairo HackerSpace (Cairo HackerSpace)
  17. Cambridge Hackspace (Cambridge Hackspace)
  18. Canton Hacker and Maker Place (Canton Hacker and Maker Place)
  19. Catalyst Space (Catalyst Space)
  20. Catalyze (Catalyze)
  21. Cedar Valley Makers (Cedar Valley Makers)
  22. Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (Centre for Electronics Design and Technology)
  23. Chaos Computer Club Freiburg (Chaos Computer Club Freiburg)
  24. ChaosStuff (ChaosStuff)
  25. Collab (Collab)
  26. Creative Geelong Makers Hub (Creative Geelong Makers Hub)
  27. CreativeLab (CreativeLab)
  28. CreatorSpace (CreatorSpace)
  29. DAI Makerspace (DAI Makerspace)
  30. DataPaulette (DataPaulette)
  31. Denhac (Denhac)
  32. Derby Makers (Derby Makers)
  33. Dexterinside (Dexterinside)
  34. Dotslashinit (Dotslashinit)
  35. Dundee MakerSpace (Dundee MakerSpace)
  36. Eco-Fab-Lab (Eco-Fab-Lab)
  37. Eigenbaukombinat Halle (Eigenbaukombinat Halle)
  38. Electrolab (Electrolab)
  39. EmancipoLab (EmancipoLab)
  40. Fab Lab Devon (Fab Lab Devon)
  41. FabLab Nürnberg (FabLab Nürnberg)
  42. FabLab Saga (FabLab Saga)
  43. Factory Two (Factory Two)
  44. FamiLAB (FamiLAB)
  45. FarsetLabs (FarsetLabs)
  46. Fat Cat FAB LAB (Fat Cat FAB LAB)
  47. Firefly (Firefly)
  48. Foothills Community Workshop (Foothills Community Workshop)
  49. Forge Greensboro (Forge Greensboro)
  50. Fort Collins Creator Hub (Fort Collins Creator Hub)
  51. … further results

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