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Factory 3
Status active
Country United States
State or District ME
City Portland
Date of founding 2018/01/01
Last Updated 2023-10-01
Website https://factory3.org
Phone 9782701525
EventBrite https://www.eventbrite.com/o/factory-3-makerspace-27656947865
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/factory3makerspace
Snail mail

PO Box 3725

04104 Portland
United States

Number of members 49
Membership fee Full-time member 135 USD/mo

Full-time member + small studio 240 USD/mo Full-time member + medium studio 345 USD/mo Full-time member + large studio 395 USD/mo

Size of rooms 4,400 ft^2
Open to Exchanges? no
Open to Residencies? no
Location 43° 39' 35.42" N, 70° 17' 3.46" W

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Factory 3 is a premium makerspace in Portland, Maine that takes pride in its clean, organized space and its diverse, supportive membership.


    • November 2017: Factory 3 founded.
    • January 2019: Factory 3 began buildout at the current location, a 4,400 ft2 former warehouse at 115 St. James Street, Portland. The building was completely empty, with no heat or water, and minimal electrical power. Because of this, the makerspace was designed on a clean slate, and built from the ground up specifically for the purpose of its founder’s vision.
    • October 1, 2019: Factory 3 opened with a wood shop, metal shop, individual studios, and common work area.
    • Today: Factory 3 has added 3D printing, bicycle repair, and textiles, and an electronics shop is in the works.

Factory 3’s mission

To create a space that empowers makers to realize their full potential by removing as many barriers as possible. Director Patrick Walker Russell started Factory 3 as a catalyst for explosive growth in Portland’s creative economy. After months of research visiting makerspaces across the country, he saw firsthand what happens when people of different backgrounds work together in an environment that is intentionally set up to remove as many barriers as possible to creative growth. In Patrick’s words, the guiding principle is that

There should be no judgment. The space should be spotless. Tools should be easy to find. Help should be easy to locate when needed. If you want to improve yourself as a maker or business owner, Factory 3 is open for membership.

Why the name “Factory 3”?

We are called Factory 3 because we are a factory of the third industrial revolution – the maker movement. Access to manufacturing has been democratized and the potential is nearly limitless. Anyone with a good idea, and the willingness to work hard, can be a part of it.

What is unique about Factory 3?

    A clean, organized, brightly lit, well-managed environment.
    A diverse, supportive community of talented, motivated, creative people.
    High-end machinery suited for the professional maker.

Who are Factory 3’s makers?

We seek members who range from beginners to experts. We welcome artists and artisans, thinkers and makers, dreamers and entrepreneurs, all united by a love of making things with their hands and being inspired and educated by other makers.

Where is Factory 3?

We're located in the Libbytown neighborhood of Portland, in an industrial zone but across the street from a large city park, Dougherty Field. Our location is ideal for members who come by different modes of transportation – a one-minute drive to I-295, a 15-minute walk from the Portland Transportation Center, a half-hour walk from Congress Square or Monument Square, and a fifteen-minute bike ride from the Old Port.

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