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The Maker Station
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Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Marietta

Date of founding


Last Updated 2017-12-23




Snail mail

869 Pickens Industrial Dr N E Suite# 1
30062 Marietta
United States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

Monthly: $30 (Student), $60 (Maker), or $300 (Premium)

Size of rooms

3600 ft2

Location 33° 58' 19", -84° 31' 37"

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The Maker Station:

  • Is home to a vibrant community of makers from the greater metro Atlanta region
  • Serves the interstate corridor northwest of Atlanta, GA, including Smyrna, Vinings, Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Woodstock and surrounding areas
  • Is a collaborative, shared makerspace/hackerspace where curious and like-minded individuals can come together to work on projects, discover new areas of interest, develop a new business idea, or simply grow their personal hobbies
  • Is a 100% volunteer driven 501c3 non-profit corporation
  • Hosts Open House Events open to the public on the 1st Thursday of every month, events are published at:

The Best of @TheMakerStation's Instagram Feed[edit]

This Hackerspace has a 3D Printer

This Hackerspace has a CNC

This Hackerspace has a 3D Printer

This Hackerspace has a Lasercutter

This Hackerspace has a Drill Press

This Hackerspace has a Welder

This Hackerspace has a Air Compressor

This Hackerspace has a Soldering Iron

This Hackerspace has a Sewing Machine

This Hackerspace has a Projector
"Projector" is not in the list of possible values (3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Arcade, Brewery, CNC, Kitchen, Lasercutter, Shower, Slush Machine, RIPE Atlas, Lathe, Drill Press, Welder, Air Compressor, Portable Bandsaw, Soldering Iron, Hot Air Rework Station, Sewing Machine, Serger, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Tablesaw, Handheld Router, Router Table, Belt Sander, Orbital Sander, Reflow Oven, CNC Mill, CNC Router, CNC Lathe, Wood Lathe, Spectrum Analyzer, Bandsaw, Amateur Radio Station, CNC Plasma Cutter, Embroidery Machine, Kiln, Injection Molder, Vacuum Former, Panel Saw, Surface Grinder, Manual Mill, Vector Network Analyzer, Antenna Analyzer, Leathercraft Tools, Blitzortung Receiver, Weather Station, Metal Lathe, Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Manual Plasma Cutter, Electron Microscope, Virtual Reality Station) for this property.

This Hackerspace has a Tablesaw

This Hackerspace has a Handheld Router

This Hackerspace has a Router Table

This Hackerspace has a Belt Sander

This Hackerspace has a Orbital Sander

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