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Made Makerspace Barcelona
SMade makerspace.png
Status suspected inactive
Country Catalonia
State or District Barcelona
City Barcelona
Date of founding 2013/06/01
Last Updated 2023-02-01
34 935 314 044
Twitter BCN
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Carrer de la Noguera Pallaresa, 61, Barcelona
08014 Barcelona

Number of members 40
Membership fee 35euros/month for 24/7 access, 100euros/month for 24/7 access and personal table
Size of rooms 600m^2
Members Pablog
Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? no
Residencies Contact
Location 41° 22' 23.00" N, 2° 8' 29.00" E

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MADE is a flexible space where artists, designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, creative, engineers, makers, fabbers, and hackers can develop their own projects together. It is organized to facilitate the development of an open distributed learning community, co-production, collaboration, and entrepreneurial activities.


- Band saw, disk sander and basic carpentry tools

- Soldering irons, multimeters, oscilloscopes, microcontrollers (Arduino and more) and electronic components

- UP 3D Printer Plus EntresD - 3D Printer MalyanSys M180

- Universal Laser Systems Laser Cutting ULS 25-E (50x30cm, 25W)

- Laser cutter without SL-530 (50x30cm, 60W)

- WiFi, printer and scanner


Our organization is a cultural non-profit association. Membership payments are used to pay the rent and for the maintenance of the space equipment. All members are entitled to:

-24/7 access with RFID card or PIN code. For the first few months of membership you will have to coordinate with other members who carry keys

- Full use of all available tools and equipment, after training. The laser cutter and CNC have an additional cost of 5eur per hour of use

- Right to participate in democratic decision-making during member meetings

- Access to discounted providers of materials

Check out our trello board to see what our members have been working on lately!

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