"Portsmouth Makerspace"

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"Portsmouth Makerspace"
Makerspace Picture Linkedin.jpg
Status building
Country United Kingdom
State or District Hampshire
City Portsmouth
Date of founding 2017/01/05
Last Updated 2017-01-07
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/portsmouthmakerspace/
E-mail portsmouthmakerspace@groups.facebook.com
Snail mail

United Kingdom

Number of members 13
Membership fee Currently there is no fee, as meetings have not taken part yet and there is no venue currently. Once this is arranged then a fee will be discussed with the group.
Open to Exchanges? no
Open to Residencies? no

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Official group of the first Portsmouth (UK) Makerspace/Hackerspace!!

Over the past few years Maker or Hacker spaces have been popping up around the world with many now in the UK. Allowing people with a common interest in making anything be it electronic or mechanical to sewing fabrics and photography, to come together in a communal space to share equipment, knowledge and ideas.

Currently from my research there are around 100 spaces like this around the UK, with the nearest to Portsmouth in Southampton and from there the next is in Brighton!

With Portsmouth being such an industrial town with Engineering deep in its routes, it seems a shame we do not have something else similar available. This group has been created to bring together those people with a common interest together within the local area with the aim of starting a Makerspace right here in the City for all to use!

Please come and support the cause if you are in the local area.