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Cyberia Labs
Status building
Country United States of America
State or District North Carolina
City Boone
Date of founding 2009/11/05
Last Updated 2016-08-18
Website!AkYuDyS1zeZYgiVFOH4jL6Gd Fu6
Snail mail

Howard St, Boone, NC
28607 Boone
United States of America

Number of members 10

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Mission Statement:

Cyberia Labs [App@Lab, AppaLab] will be a location where people with common interests can educate the public and share professional knowledge among themselves. The objectives will be to acquire tools (through purchase or donation) and make tools for the purpose of micro-manufacturing and problem solving. Advanced tools would include hand-made printers that print 3D models out of plastic, and laser cutting and etching technology and much more. Other services can be offered to the general public such as free computer consultation, low-cost computer software maintenance services by appointment only and free advanced computer usage training in the form of educational workshops.


We believe that tools should be well understood so they may be used most efficiently by those who need them. We believe that every problem can be solved with appropriate technology, knowledge, effort, and time.

Business Plan (old draft, subject to change):!AkYuDyS1zeZYgiVFOH4jL6Gd_Fu6


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