Apollo-NG Mobile Hackerspace

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Apollo-NG Mobile Hackerspace
Status active/Launch-Site open"active/Launch-Site open" is not in the list (active, planned, building, closed, unknown, reformatting, suspected inactive) of allowed values for the "Hackerspace status" property.
Country Germany
State or District Bavaria
City Munich
Date of founding 2011/09/01
Last Updated 2012-03-22
Website https://apollo.open-resource.org
IRC https://apollo.open-resource.org/contact:start
Mailinglist https://apollo.open-resource.org/contact:start
Snail mail


Membership fee None
Location 48° 6' 43.47" N, 11° 42' 8.00" E

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Apollo-NG Mobile Hackerspace[edit]

Apollo-NG is a small, self-sustainable, independent and mobile Hackerspace, visiting cities and places without an established hackerspace, where local hackers can work together on exciting projects and we all can share fun, food, resources, knowledge and experience.

The concept is to build an independent, self-sustainable and mobile Hackerspace, using open-source software and open-resource hardware where ever possible. Other Hackers (or people who don't know they're hackers yet), living at a place, where no hackerspace has opened yet, can invite Apollo-NG to their community, to see how life@hackerspaces is like. It's important to inspire, help and encourage other hackers and hackers-to-be, to found their own local resident hackerspace. The time has come for hackers to leave the confined realm of just hacking software and only work on "security-problems".

Our Motto is: "Hack the Planet". Literally. Instead of fighting against a system, that simply can't work in the long run and is set-up to be very resilient to resistance from within, we should just come up with a workable alternative plan and then start implementing it. If it works, the majority simply will follow and leave the old system without a customer, because we will be able to provide for ourselves, by ourselves. The more people actually put their time and effort into this goal, the faster we all can get there.


Apollo-NG will act as a macro-modeled prove-of-concept. Open-Source software development has already been proven to work. All of Apollo-NG's systems are using open-source software - without exceptions. From the basic embedded-subsystem operating systems to high-level multimedia graphics, sound, 3d and video editing. Everything we need to do, we can do, using only free software, developed by people, for people. Now the time has come, to start pushing open-resource based approaches, developing and supporting anything that contributes to helping people worldwide, to help themselves.

Research & Development[edit]

Apollo-NG is also a mobile Research & Development facility, offering tools and infrastructure for hackers to join existing projects, come up with their own new ideas or contribute to other projects. Although our current projects are primarily basic research, to help Apollo-NG to be truly independent and self-sustainable, the knowledge can be used for other projects to lessen their need on grid-power dependency or help people in developing nations to improve their health and reduce the negative impact on their environment.


 * Develop & promote systems with a much smaller energy consumption impact for a given use-case
 * Develop & promote alternative, efficient, small-scale energy sources for local communities


 * Growing and sharing healthy food locally
 * Develop cheap & effective water treatment systems


Right now, we're in Pre-Launch Phase, still collecting necessary hardware and sponsors to get the show finally onto the road. As of now, you can always visit the Launch-Site, get a free cup of tea and shelter, if you're a nomadic hacker and need a place to crash. You may also feel free to visit the Pre-Launch site in order to contribute or if you're curious about it and want to learn more.

We also try to keep the spirit of local talks/workshops and more inter-hackerspace connectivity, so checkout the Apollo-NG Event Calendar, subscribe to the calendar- and Mission-Log feeds, join our mailinglists or visit us on IRC.