A Slice of Pi at MakeLV

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A Slice of Pi at MakeLV
A Slice of Pi
Type of Talk
Start January 26th 2013
Homepage: A Slice of Pi
Venue: Hive4a
City: Allentown
State: PA
Country: USA
Min Cost: free"free" is not a number.

On January 26th at 2PM, Make Lehigh Valley will be hosting a talk by Jason Plum (@WarheadsSE of Arch Linux ARM/@ArchLinuxARM) on the Raspberry Pi, Arch Linux ARM, and uses of the Raspberry Pi for applications such as: beer brewing, Arduino replacement, and home services. The talk, “A Slice of Pi”, will discuss the ins and outs of the ARM architecture as is applicable to the Raspberry Pi and similar devices, along with the critical differences from what you may have come to expect in other architectures.

Please join us! Feel free to come by early/stay late and hang out for awhile.