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These hackerspaces have a 3D Scanner:

Hackerspaces with a 3D Scanner
  2. Area31 (Area31)
  3. BioClub (BioClub)
  4. BricoLabs (BricoLabs)
  6. CT Hackerspace (CT Hackerspace)
  7. Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (Centre for Electronics Design and Technology)
  8. Chennai Makerspace (Chennai Makerspace)
  9. Connected Community (Connected Community)
  10. DAI Makerspace (DAI Makerspace)
  11. EmancipoLab (EmancipoLab)
  12. Engenho Maker (Engenho Maker)
  13. Fab Lab Devon (Fab Lab Devon)
  14. Fab Lab San Diego (Fab Lab San Diego)
  15. Fab lab El Paso (Fab lab El Paso)
  16. FabLab Nürnberg (FabLab Nürnberg)
  17. FabLab Saga (FabLab Saga)
  18. FabLab Tacoma (FabLab Tacoma)
  19. Fablab Wuerzburg (Fablab Wuerzburg)
  20. FamiLAB (FamiLAB)
  21. Fat Cat FAB LAB (Fat Cat FAB LAB)
  22. FreesideAtlanta (FreesideAtlanta)
  23. GSP Makerspace (GSP Makerspace)
  24. Habibi.Works (Habibi.Works)
  25. Hack.rva (Hack.rva)
  26. HackBerry Lab (HackBerry Lab)
  27. Hackafe (Hackafe)
  28. Hackerspace Bremen (Hackerspace Bremen)
  29. Hackerspace NTNU (Hackerspace NTNU)
  30. Hackerspace San Salvador (Hackerspace San Salvador)
  31. Hackerspace-Wetzlar (Hackerspace-Wetzlar)
  32. Hackspace Catania (Hackspace Catania)
  33. Hackspacecatania (User:Hackspacecatania)
  34. HexLab Makerspace (HexLab Makerspace)
  35. I3Detroit (I3Detroit)
  36. ICTP SciFabLab (ICTP SciFabLab)
  37. Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz (Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz)
  38. IdeaFabLabs (IdeaFabLabs)
  39. Kokiri Lab (Kokiri Lab)
  40. Lüneburg (Lüneburg)
  41. MAKE Santa Fe (MAKE Santa Fe)
  42. Maine Fab Lab (Maine Fab Lab)
  43. Make-Create (Make-Create)
  44. MakersBase (MakersBase)
  45. Miskatonic Labs (Miskatonic Labs)
  46. Missoula Makerspace (Missoula Makerspace)
  47. Mobile MakerSpace (Mobile MakerSpace)
  48. Montana Ethical Hackers (Montana Ethical Hackers)
  49. Munich Maker Lab (Munich Maker Lab)
  51. … further results

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