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Why APO33 is a not-for-profit association/artists collective founded by Julien Ottavi in 1996. APO33 research practices cross philosophy, poetry, visual, sonic art and anything else that may arrive through collaborative working. APO33 operates across networked and physical spaces and develops tools (hardware/software) for creative projects and the wider FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) community of artists and programmers.
Where Nantes
Who Julien Ottavi, Jenny Pickett, Dominique Leroy, Julien Poidevin
More Info http://www.apo33.org
Tags hacker, artists, noise, floss, medialab, apodio, gnu/linux

APO33, as an interdisciplinary laboratory drawing on the artistic and technological fields, fosters various collective projects associating research, experimentation and social intervention.

In the continuity of the dynamics that has been opened by the free software movement, APO33 is structured as a modular space, initiating collaborative projects and creative processes, as well as exploring new artistic and creative modes of production and diffusion.

Through workshops, seminars, artistic creation, international meetings, on-line contributions, publications and interventions in public spaces, APO33 queries today’s transformations in artistic and cultural practices consequent to the current re-appropriation and usage of Communication and Information technologies. This questioning has driven apo33 to work at the edge of the cultural field, by exploring possible passages and crossings between artistic creation and other social fields or practices (political activism, social mediation or action, human, environmental, natural and applied sciences, urbanism, economy, ecology…).

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