3D Berlin Headquarter

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3D Berlin Headquarter
Status active
Country Germany
State or District Berlin
City Berlin
Date of founding 2006/12/05
Last Updated 2023-06-27
Website http://www.youin3d.com/hackerspace-3d-berlin-headquarter/
E-mail techno@YOUin3D.com
Snail mail

Hannoversche Str.3
Berlin-10115 Berlin

Number of members 21
Membership fee Free to visit.

Membership starts at 15 EUR.

Size of rooms 55m²
Open to Exchanges? Yes"Yes" is not in the list (yes, no, maybe) of allowed values for the "Exchanges" property.
Open to Residencies? Yes"Yes" is not in the list (yes, no, maybe) of allowed values for the "Residencies" property.
Residencies Contact techno@YOUin3D.com
Location 52° 31' 37.39" N, 13° 23' 6.81" E

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hackerspace 3d berlin headquarter
matrix screens in the hackerspace

A cozy hackerspace and 3d printing place in Berlin Mitte (since 2006). The place is now aka "Technos Hackerspace". We are interested in many fields and have constantly several ongoing projects.

Besides a casual hangout space, we offer a 3D-printer Flatrate, flexible Workspaces and the famous Techno Keller. Aliens are welcome!

If you are interested, just swing by on Wednesdays at 7pm or come to one of our meetups:


17:00 - 19:00

AI Tuesday

3D printing Wednesday

Drohnen Donnerstag

360* Panoramas of the space (sorry kinda outdated, but shows the rooms 10 years ago)[edit]

More Info[edit]

About 3D printer meetup in the 3d printer shop (german): http://3d-druck-shop.youin3d.com/3d-drucker-hackerspace-fablab-makerspace-diy-3d-printer-berlin/

In the past we were also the hub for: http://www.BERLINin3D.com