Arduino for total Newbies

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Arduino for total Newbies
Arduino for total Newbies
Type of Workshop
Start 23-12-2012 , 15:00 (iCal)
End 23-12-2012 , 20:00
Homepage: Arduino for Total Newbies
Venue: IN-Berlin
City: Berlin
State: Germany
Country: Germany
Min Cost: 0 EUR0 USD <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />
Max Cost: 200 EUR243.902 USD <br />173.171 GBP <br />0.00634 BTC <br />17,797.561 INR <br />

Mitch Altman will give a Workshop Arduino For Total Newbies on 2012-12-23. The workshop begins at about 3pm and will be given in english language. Mitch has already given a few soldering workshops at IN-Berlin in the past.

The workshop takes about 5 hours (incl. breaks). The entrance is free, but if you want to build an arduino it costs about 35 EUR for the hardware. Of course you can keep it after the workshop. A maximum number of 15 people can participate in the workshop.

IN-Berlin only has a limited amount of tools that can be provided during the workshop. Every participant who has one of the following tools is asked to bring it to the workshop. If you have a tool twice another participant will perhaps be happy to use it during the workshop. The following tools are needed:

  • a soldering iron with stand and sponge,
  • some 60/40 (Sn/Pb) solder a small wire cutter
  • optional notebook with Linux/MacOS/Windows for prgramming

Register for the workshop: