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The possible statuses of a hackerspace...

status planned:

*.*, ..::c0re1ndustries::.., /emdria, 3drevolution, 406 hackerspace, 7elektron, 8 days a week HackerSpace Coming!, ABC Hacker Clube, ACGNJ, AMach, Add a hackerspace, Al3ph, Alaska MakerSpace, AmberLab, Anadolu MakerSpace, Angouleme, Ankara HackerSpace, Apple Space, Arduino-brasilia, Artek, Artifice, Audiolab Berlin, BGMakers, BIGhack, BRIX Barrie, Bad Caps, Bariloche, Beltrami, Bengal hackers, Berks CoLab, Bits&Ohms, Black-Bird Artisan Hackers (Marlton, New Jersey), Blueseed, Brightwork CoResearch, Building24, Burn Space, Burning River ProtoStudio, CITEC, Candmike2, Carlisle HackerSpace, Casablanca HackerSpace, CebuMakers, Chakhal Hacker Club, Chania hackerSoace, Chaos-treff-wismar, Chattahack, Cohabitat Hackerspace, Conexao coworking, Confusion Research Center, Conjunctured... further results

status building:

"Portsmouth Makerspace", -RWebLAB, /dev/base, /dev/null, 42 HackerSpace, 6' Warranty, A.O.C & Usinette, ARC Labs, AV Hackers, AcoLab, Ad Astra Labs, Alpha One Labs, Alt+Ctrl+Supr, Amman Hacker Space,, Ayni HackLab Cuenca, B9 Space, BackspaceNL, Base42, BizSol Systems, Black Labs,, Bloomington-Normal Hackerspace, Brazos Valley Makerspace, Breadmill Inc, Brisbane Makerspace, BroBrian Hackerspace, Bug Hackers, Byte me, C53ATC, Calabrian Hackers, Cascadia Makerspace, Central Alberta Maker Space, Chaos Cafe, Chaostreff Heilbronn, Chillicothe.Labs, ChristSpace 9, Cluj Makers, Columbiasc, Coventry Makerspace, Cuppa Pulp Creative, Cyberia Labs, DFW Makers Club, Dark age advanced hacker, Datenburg, Detroit Makers at District VII, DevelHackerSpace, Dhakaspace,, Dt Hacks... further results

status active:

/dev/tal, /root, /tmp/lab, /usr/space, 091 Labs, 0x1b,, 0xe Hacker Club, 10BitWorks, 10bitworks, 23b Shop, 2600Thailand, 3D Berlin Headquarter, 3D Druckzentrum Ruhr, 57North, 757 Makerspace, 801 Labs, 88 Spaces, ABC Makerspace, ACKspace, ACME Labs, AFRA, AKASHA Hub Barcelona, ANU Maker Club, AS220 Labs, Access Space, Ace Monster Toys, ActivSpaces, Air Light Time & Space, Akron MakerSpace, Alex Hackerspace, Alexandria Hackerspace, All Hands Active!, AltLab - Audiência Zero, Am1r, Anchorage makerspace, Anno lab, Appletonmakerspace, Arch Reactor, Area 432, Area UR-Maker, Area31, Artifactory, Artisan's Asylum, Asheville Makers / OpenSpace, Atelier Numérique Romorantin, AwesomeSpace, B4CKSP4CE, BAH, BFZ Berlin e.V.... further results

status closed:, 20Mission, 330ohms Makerspace, 3D Printing Makerspace San Diego, 3HACK.PL, 4-H Robotics & Technology Club, 4nchor5 la6, 505 Labs, 5Stones, 757 Labs, 757 WHQ (Defunct), 911 Media Arts Center, ACTLab, ADX, AMN Co Working Space, AS220 labs, ASCII, Abbenay Hackspace, Adalab, Aiki lab, Alpha, Ames MakerSpace, Anax, Anon-Me::Access One, Antitronics, Area 42, Artengine Mod Lab, Artlab, AssentWorks, Atx FACTORY, Auckland Hackerspace, BHackspace, BKLP, Bageriet, BajHack, Bangkok MakerSpace, Base Istanbul, Base-k, Bastli, Bathurst Hackerspace, Baustelle Hamburg, BellinghamHackSpace, Beta Two Labs, BetaLab, Bhack, Bio, Tech and Beyond, Birmingham Hack Space, BisHack, BitValley, Bitsmasher... further results

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