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Status closed
Country Germany
State or District Hessen
City Kassel
Date of founding 2011/12/01
Last Updated 2014-05-31
Snail mail


Number of members 0
Membership fee Free, at least for this early moment of founding.
Size of rooms ~25m^2
Location 51° 18' 18.36" N, 9° 29' 22.88" E

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This Project does not exist any longer. The room is used by the university of Kassel. There was 29 month inactivity before now (May 2014)

The base-k Hackerspace in Kassel is a recently founded Hackerspace in the University of Arts in Kassel, everybody from every theme area is welcome. We love to f*** around with AVR things, as well as Linux and other CS and Hacking related stuff.

drop us a line at the founders jabber address: (jabber only, THIS IS NO EMAIL)