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Status closed
Country Spain
City Malaga

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Last Updated 2017-01-24







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Attending is free. BitValley membership is 60 EUR a year.

Size of rooms

18 m²

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Location 36° 43' 22", -4° 25' 21"

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NOTE: Due to inactivity of members this hackerspace can be considered as closed. Most of the members have moved to other cities. The information in this page has been kept for historical purposes.

BitValley is an organization that promotes hacker movement values. Right now our focus is set on the following subjects:

  • 3D printers and other DIY projects
  • Free software
  • Free hardware
  • Transparency and Open Data
  • Crypto stuff
  • Libre networks (
  • Self-hosted tools for the most online used services

Physical space[edit]

Our current physical space (since October 2013) is located at:

La Casa Invisible (Medialab)
Calle Nosquera 9-11
29008, Málaga

The space (Medialab) is shared with other collectives and is inside La Casa Invisible, which is a former squat building. Now there's an agreement with the city council and there's no danger of eviction. It's really a beautiful and alternative place that you have to visit if you come to Málaga.

Please, send us an e-mail if you are planning to visit or want to meet. We don't have a fixed calendar and the space needs to be opened.

Some members participated in the former MalaHack hackerspace (R.I.P.).


La Casa Invisible.jpg

This is the facade of La Casa Invisible. The door on the bottom right border is the main entrance.

Bitvalley aaron swartz.jpeg

This is a graffiti we did in memory of Aaron Swartz during the Aaron Swartz Hackaton held on 9th November 2013.

Bitvalley loqui im presentation.jpeg

One of our members is the main developer of Firefox OS app. He did a presentation of a new release.

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