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Confusion Research Center
Status planned
Country United States of America

State or District


City Austin, TX & Cheyenne, WY

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-01-04







512-657-1279 8am - 10pm






Snail mail

507 San Jose (this is for mail only, not to be confused with our physical location)
78753 Austin, TX & Cheyenne, WY
United States of America

Number of members

<shrug>We're not sure</shrug>
"&lt;shrug&gt;We're not sure&lt;/shrug&gt;" is not a number.

Membership fee

$75/mo or $750/yr for individuals. $50/mo or $500/yr for students w/ valid ID, $150/month or $1500/yr for groups. $75/mo or $750/yr for families. $250/month or $2500/yr for commercial organizations. $20/day transient/daily access. $250+ suggested for grants or gifts. You don't need to be a member to participate.

Size of rooms

500 - 1,000 sq_ft


vCard download

"To do the final far-out things" [1]

Basic Organization & Policies

The main goal of CRC is to provide infrastructure to the STEM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics) community. We don't take an active role in defining your projects or how you manage them. Our interest is in providing a nice environment, tools, and resources you need to execute your plans. CRC is a Board Only organization so that reliable financial operations and participant efforts are isolated.

Happy 2014! We've got a growing list of activities for this new year so get in touch if you're into doing hands-on STEM, drop us an email or call. On 1-4-13 we asked to update our virtual machine that hosts the CRC webpage and services. We'll be rebuilding from a clean install.

We do have a basic rule that governs all activities:

No police, other LEA, firemen, EMTs, tax men, or other authority figures in a bad mood. If your project requires insurance, licenses, or needs to meet other regulatory requirements it is not CRC's responsibility to provide them.

Confusion Research Center respects the intellectual property of others and makes no claim to activities by participants. We strongly suggest considering public domain or one of the copyleft licenses. Confusion Research Center reserves all intellectual property rights to projects it sponsors or funds pursuant to any contracts or other agreements.

How to participate now!

Visit our homepage!


[1] A quote from John Small, a senior engineer, describing the JPL ethos. “JPL and the American Space Program: A history of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory” Clayton R. Koppes ISBN 0-300-02408-8 (1982). Hall interview with Small, Dec. 6, 1968, JPLHF 2-1392.

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