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These hackerspaces have a Logic Analyzer:

Hackerspaces with a Logic Analyzer
  1. ELab Hackerspace (ELab Hackerspace)
  2. FabLab Nürnberg (FabLab Nürnberg)
  3. Frack (Frack)
  4. FreesideAtlanta (FreesideAtlanta)
  5. Hacker Lab (Hacker Lab)
  6. Hackerspace Bremen (Hackerspace Bremen)
  7. Lab rousse (Lab rousse)
  8. MAKE Santa Fe (MAKE Santa Fe)
  9. MakeICT (MakeICT)
  10. Makers im Zigerschlitz (Makers im Zigerschlitz)
  11. Milwaukee Makerspace (Milwaukee Makerspace)
  12. Mittelab (Mittelab)
  13. Protospace (Protospace)
  14. Ruum42 (Ruum42)
  15. SnoCo Makerspace (SnoCo Makerspace)
  16. Stratum 0 (Stratum 0)
  17. Surrey and Hampshire Makerspace (Surrey and Hampshire Makerspace)
  18. TOG (TOG)
  19. Tampa Hackerspace (Tampa Hackerspace)
  20. The Curious Forge (The Curious Forge)
  21. TkkrLab (TkkrLab)
  22. York (York)

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