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Hackerspace Kraków
Logo 2000.png
Status active
Country Poland
State or District Lesser Poland
City Cracow
Date of founding 2012/10/17
Last Updated 2024-03-19
Website https://hackerspace-krk.pl/
Wiki https://phabricator.hskrk.pl/w/
IRC https://web.libera.chat/#hskrk
Jabber n/a
git https://github.com/HackerspaceKRK/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/HackerspaceKRK
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackerspaceKrakow
Fediverse https://social.hackerspace.pl/@hskrk
Twitter https://twitter.com/hackerspace krk
E-mail info@hackerspace-krk.pl
Mailinglist https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/hackerspace-krk
CalendarFeed iCal feed
Snail mail

ul. Zacisze 5/P1
31-156 Cracow

Number of members ~70"~" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 70.
Membership fee ~75 PLN a month
Size of rooms 100m² (total)
Members Wiktor, Zagura
Location 50° 3' 57.91" N, 19° 56' 36.09" E

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About us[edit]

We are non-profit hackerspace in central part of Kraków. Our HQ is located in a basement 2 minutes from main railway station and 5 minutes from main square, and just near probably the most convenient place in Kraków to get by bus or tram, also during the night. Like the many other hackerspaces if you are our member you have 24/7 access to the space where you can do your stuff, but there is almost always someone in the space.

Our Hardroom
Second of our Arduino workshops
Wider look at our Softroom


We meet also every friday at Nighthacks - repetitive events in which we spend friday nights hacking everything we can, making crazy projects or just talking about quantum mechanics after night without sleep.


We also run some workshops from time to time, usually about Arduino, but there were some about knitting or stuff like home automation or programming microcontrolers. You can get some info from our mailing group or from Facebook.

This Hackerspace has a Drill Press

This Hackerspace has a CNC

This Hackerspace has a Soldering Iron

This Hackerspace has a Oscilloscope

This Hackerspace has a Air Compressor

This Hackerspace has a Welder

This Hackerspace has a 3D Printer

This Hackerspace has a Hot Air Rework Station

This Hackerspace has a Metal Lathe

This Hackerspace has a Tablesaw

This Hackerspace has a Antenna Analyzer

This Hackerspace has a Lasercutter

This Hackerspace has a Logic Analyzer

This Hackerspace has a Vector Network Analyzer

This Hackerspace has a Handheld Router

This Hackerspace has a Belt Sander

This Hackerspace has a Manual Mill