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Status active
Country Switzerland
State or District Neuchâtel
City La Chaux-de-Fonds
Date of founding 2017/04/01
Last Updated 2023-02-01
Website http://engrenage.ch/
git https://github.com/petaflot
Twitter https://twitter.com/Engrenage1
E-mail https://engrenage.ch/index.php/contact/URIs of the form "https://engrenage.ch/index.php/contact/" are not allowed.
Mailinglist https://lists.saitis.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/engrenage.pub
Snail mail

Prairie 32
NE-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Number of members 5
Membership fee Depends on the situation and usage. Also, there is a lot of work that can be done around here to make up for the rest. Individual rooms are available, an average of 2-4 hours work a day is expected in return. Single room cost ranges CHF 500-900.- (with an extra 100.- for heating in the winter season).
Size of rooms 12-50 m³, total is 1200m²
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Residencies Contact jczd@engrenage.ch
Location 47° 6' 11.00" N, 6° 50' 33.10" E

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engrenage is a non-profit association that aims to:

  • promote an intelligent, ethical, innovating and esthaetic use of technology ; user ergonomy is also of prime concern but that is considered a subset of "intelligent".
  • promote the freedom to use, to create and to modify technical tools
  • allow individuals to achieve projects in the fields of art and technology, or to participate to such projects
  • gather all the skills needed for all steps of a project, from the R&D phase to long-term follow-up
  • promote any form of artistic culture: litterature, music, scenic arts, painting, plastic arts through by teaching, discoveries and experiences ; organizing artistic events (concerts, expositions) ; gathering souls around the epicurian philosophy
  • explore techniques to reconcile body, soul and spirit
  • create places of emergence, allowing one to invent another way of life and to feed on another imaginary ; giving humans the opportunity to know themselves to better server the societal and environmental challenges here and to come. In that sense, the space in La Chaux-de-Fonds is supposed to be the first of many yet to come.

engrenage is housed in a small building block from the mid-60's in la Chaux-de-Fonds, the reference when it comes to the measure and definition of the (femto)second. The entire block is available, with some guestrooms rented through AirBnB, some rooms for long-term residents, rooms dedicated to various tasks (painting, sewing, movie-watching, breakfast, ...) and a bar. There is much to do, and we are totally into having people coming in as we are in need of hands with some sort of brain behind them.

  • hand hammers range ~15g - 5kg
  • welder is 180 [A] TIG

Additional equipment includes:

  • angle grinder (150 and 300 [mm])
  • good quality jigsaw
  • electric drill/hammer (one normal and one fairly large)
  • electric chainsaw
  • vibrating tool
  • pentograph
  • hex keys up to 65mm
  • a 1" pneumatic bolt machine that is a little too strong if you're not careful
  • pneumatic rivet machine for 6.5mm rivets
  • JCB 3CII backhoe loader
  • regulated, USB-controllable 0-60V power supply
  • three-phase frequency regulator with RS485 over USB connection
  • stuff for painting, masonry, gardening tools...
  • a piano and quite a few other music instruments
  • A4 printers (many greyscale laser printers, color inkjet)
  • 3D printer needs some work to be fixed
  • Vorwerk food processor, hot air frier, Kampouze pancake maker
  • fireplace in the garden for barbecues and parties ; also includes a 600x1100 [mm] hot stone for cooking
  • beach-volley-sized playing field
  • decent pharmacy box that even includes scalpels, needles and absorbent thread
  • 10-100 [μL] and 100-1000 [μL] lab syringes
  • professional bain-marie, about 200x200x150 [mm]
  • coffee machine
  • what else?

We are searching for:

  • any form of lathe (CNC is obviously preferred)
  • any form of milling machine (CNC is obviously preferred)
  • a decent drill press
  • plasma cutter
  • something to weld aluminium

There is also a fablab nearby that has a 4W laser cutter, a few 3D printers, a router mill and some other machinery which they mostly don't know how to use and that is not quite in working condition. For more serious demands we go to a private company and send them our DXF files (4kW and 6kW machines are available not too far).

In the making:

  • post-combustion Kiln on a rocket stove base. Seriously expecting to exceed MACH 1 at some places thanks to variable geometry
  • 1200x800 [mm] coreXY-based platform with ~2300*1600 [mm] motion and 5-phase brushless motors

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