Datorföreningen Update

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Datorföreningen Update
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Status active
Country Sweden
State or District Uppsala County
City Uppsala
Date of founding 1983/04/21
Last Updated 2024-03-28
Website https://www.dfupdate.se
Wiki https://wiki.dfupdate.se
IRC irc://irc.efnet.org:6697/#update
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/updatecomputerclub
Fediverse https://social.linux.pizza/@dfupdate
Twitter https://twitter.com/df update
Mailinglist https://lists.dfupdate.se/postorius/lists/update.lists.dfupdate.se/
Snail mail

Svartbäcksgatan 65
75333 Uppsala

Number of members 100
Membership fee min. 480 SEK/year, recommended 2040 SEK/year
Size of rooms 150m²
Members Asj, Vol, Zeltophil
Open to Residencies? no
Location 59° 52' 3.53" N, 17° 37' 46.26" E

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Datorföreningen Update (the Update Computer Club) is a club for everybody who loves computers, in Uppsala and the whole world. We do stuff with computers of all kinds, be it hardware, software, modern computers, historic computers, different architechtures, Unix/Linux, multiuser systems, programming and other things.

Our premises at Svartbäcksgatan 65 is where we tinker with computers from our collection, work on our own projects or just hang out.

We also arrange lectures and exhibitions, work on various projects, and we have a large collection of new and old computers, components, documentation and software.

Update is open most days of the week. You're welcome to come by, just ask on our IRC channel if the space is open. We usually meet on Saturday afternoon to work together on projects. See our website for more events.

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