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A Serger is a type of Sewing Machine that overlocks stitches.

These hackerspaces have a Serger:

Hackerspaces with a Serger
  1. Artisan's Asylum (Artisan's Asylum)
  2. ChaosStuff (ChaosStuff)
  3. Double Union (Double Union)
  4. Electrolab (Electrolab)
  5. Forge Greensboro (Forge Greensboro)
  6. Fresno Ideaworks (Fresno Ideaworks)
  7. HackLab.TO (HackLab.TO)
  8. IdeaFabLabs (IdeaFabLabs)
  9. Metrix Create:Space (Metrix Create:Space)
  10. NextFab Studio (NextFab Studio)
  11. Noisebridge (Noisebridge)
  12. Oahu Makerspace (Oahu Makerspace)
  13. OpenLab Group (OpenLab Group)
  14. Quelab (Quelab)
  15. Raumfahrtagentur (Raumfahrtagentur)
  16. Robot Garden (Robot Garden)
  17. SLO Makerspace (SLO Makerspace)
  18. TechShop Chandler (TechShop Chandler)
  19. The Bodgery (The Bodgery)
  20. TinkerMill (TinkerMill)
  21. Tsinghua i.Center (Tsinghua i.Center)

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