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These hackerspaces have a Hot Air Rework Station:

Hackerspaces with a Hot Air Rework Station
  1. /dev/tal (/dev/tal)
  2. 330ohms Makerspace (330ohms Makerspace)
  3. ATX Hackerspace (ATX Hackerspace)
  4. Artifactory (Artifactory)
  5. Baltimore Hackerspace (Baltimore Hackerspace)
  6. Bangkok MakerSpace (Bangkok MakerSpace)
  7. Bastli (Bastli)
  8. Bitraf (Bitraf)
  9. BricoLabs (BricoLabs)
  10. Brmlab (Brmlab)
  11. C4 (C4)
  12. Cairo HackerSpace (Cairo HackerSpace)
  13. Cali Makerspace (Cali Makerspace)
  14. Canton Hacker and Maker Place (Canton Hacker and Maker Place)
  15. Catalyze Chicago (Catalyze Chicago)
  16. Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (Centre for Electronics Design and Technology)
  17. Chalmers Robotförening (Chalmers Robotförening)
  18. Chaos Computer Club Freiburg (Chaos Computer Club Freiburg)
  19. Chaos Computer Club Hamburg (Chaos Computer Club Hamburg)
  20. Chaosdorf (Chaosdorf)
  21. ChattLab (ChattLab)
  22. Chennai Makerspace (Chennai Makerspace)
  23. Connected Community (Connected Community)
  24. CrashBang Labs (CrashBang Labs)
  25. Crunchlab (Crunchlab)
  26. Ctrl-h (Ctrl-h)
  27. DAI Makerspace (DAI Makerspace)
  28. Denhac (Denhac)
  29. Dexterinside (Dexterinside)
  30. DingFabrik Köln (DingFabrik Köln)
  31. Eigenbaukombinat Halle (Eigenbaukombinat Halle)
  32. Electrolab (Electrolab)
  33. EnjiGo (EnjiGo)
  34. FNordeingang Neuss (FNordeingang Neuss)
  36. Fab Lab Devon (Fab Lab Devon)
  37. Fablab Nuernberg (Fablab Nuernberg)
  38. Fablab Wuerzburg (Fablab Wuerzburg)
  39. Fablab013 Tilburg (Netherlands) (Fablab013 Tilburg (Netherlands))
  40. Factory Two (Factory Two)
  41. FamiLAB (FamiLAB)
  42. Firefly (Firefly)
  43. Foothills Community Workshop (Foothills Community Workshop)
  44. Foothills community workshop (Foothills community workshop)
  45. HACMan (HACMan)
  46. HS Ipswich (HS Ipswich)
  47. Habibi.Works (Habibi.Works)
  48. HacDC (HacDC)
  49. Hack.rva (Hack.rva)
  50. HackLab.TO (HackLab.TO)
  51. … further results

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