Chalmers Robotförening

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Chalmers Robotförening
Chalmers Robotförening Logotyp 148x160.png
Status active
Country Sweden
City Gothenburg

Date of founding


Last Updated 2016-01-12

IRC (SSL) #crf





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Teknologgården 2
SE-41258 Göteborg Gothenburg

Number of members


Membership fee

100 SEK yearly


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Location 57° 41' 12", 11° 58' 37"

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Chalmers Robotics is a association where robot-builders meet, build and discus ideas. The purpose of many of the robots that are built is to participate in Robot-SM, but many other kind robots is also built. Robot-SM is the biggest event that is organized by Chalmers Robotics, it lets builders all over Sweden to get to together and compete in robotics.


Chalmers Robotics are also encouraging other type of electronic or technical projects.
Our hackerspace is located at the campus of Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (west cost of Sweden).

Visiting address:
Sven Hultins gata 8


Are you interested to join our association? Start by going by our workshop, ask anyone and they will give you a tour of the hackerspace.
If you decide to become a member; ask a board member, and they will help you to join Chalmers Robotics.

Membership costs 100SEK per year. Everyone can join Chalmers Robotics, if you study at Chalmers or not doesn't matter.

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