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So Make It (Southampton, UK)
Status active
Country United Kingdom
State or District Hampshire
City Southampton
Date of founding 2013/03/13
Last Updated 2020-04-29
IRC irc://
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Unit F Liners Industrial Estate, Pitt Rd
SO15 3FQ Southampton
United Kingdom

Number of members 89
Membership fee Pay what you think the space is worth, minimum £5/mo. We need an average for £20/mo per member in order to survive!
Size of rooms 1150 sq ft
Members Chris18890
Location 50° 54' 46.86" N, 1° 25' 34.49" W

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So Make It is a not-for-profit makerspace in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, and hosts a number of groups including the SoutHACKton hackers and the So RepRap printers. We hope to welcome many more groups to our fold in future.

We believe that everyone, from any background, should be able to learn new skills and make new friends. To enable this, we run a Makerspace where members can use our resources and tools to create amazing new things. Our members love to share knowledge and skills, so lack of experience is not a problem! We’re not for profit – ran by our members for our members.

We've recently moved into a larger more secure space at Liners Industrial Estate Unit F. We’ve kitted out the space with desks, chairs and tools available for usage by all members. We welcome any artists, engineers, programmers, hackers, makers, tinkerers or anyone creative to come join us. If you run a group, or are planning to start one, why not get in touch or visit us to see what we can offer?.

We’re always on the look-out for new members and groups to join our fold, so do get in touch – we think you’ll be glad you did! Membership includes many benefits including access to the space and it’s tools, storage and resources; the right to vote on the direction of the organisation; and of course becoming a member of our community!

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