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First name Chris
Last Name Murray
Nickname chris18890
Last Updated 2023-11-22
E-Mail Address
Member of Farset Labs, So Make It, HacMan
Country United Kingdom
City Manchester
Wants to build Hackerspace in Belfast (United Kingdom)
Other users that want to build a Hackerspace in Belfast Bolster, Matt
Location 54° 35' 50.17" N, 5° 55' 48.39" W

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Born in August 1990; Computing Science graduate from The University of Ulster; former VP for Student & Academic affairs at the University of Ulster's Students' Union and the Disabled Students' Officer for NUSUSI for the year July 2013 - June 2014.

Day job is an Infrastructure Specialist at Capita.

Currently a member of Farset Labs, So Make It, & HACMan, working on projects such as Seltzer CRM. Main areas of interest are network infrastructure services, Microsoft Windows server OSes/Active Directory/Exchange & automated deployment.

Drinks coffee. Lots of coffee.