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Seltzer CRM
Why We need to track memberships
Where i3 Detroit, Melbourne Makerspace (Florida USA)
Who elplatt, chris18890, bolster, ramgarden
More Info
Tags software

Seltzer CRM is a Free and Open Source PHP-based web app for tracking member data. It has been in use at i3 Detroit since 2010, and is under active development. We have a hack session on google hangout every Wednesday at 7:30pm ET (12:30 AM / 00:30 GMT).


Why create another CRM?[edit]

There are a number of powerful CRMs out there already, many of them Free and Open Source. However, we found the complexity of existing CRMs to be an obstacle to recruiting and training volunteers at member-run organizations such as hackerspaces. Seltzer CRM has a very basic feature set tailored to the needs of a hackerspace.

Goals of Seltzer CRM[edit]

Seltzer is intended to be:

  • Immediately useful to hackerspace administrators without any training
  • Easy to hack and extend
  • Maintained by a cross-hackerspace open source community

Current Features[edit]

  • Tracking of member contact and emergency contact info
  • Tracking of membership levels and dates
  • Tracking of RFID key assignments
  • Customizable permissions and roles
  • Module system for easy customization
  • Schema tracking for easy upgrades
  • Import members and plans
  • Billing and payment tracking
  • Amazon Payments import
  • Paypal Payments import
  • Mentorship module
  • Profile pictures
  • User Metadata module
  • Plan Metadata module
  • Member self-registration
  • Email mailing list management
  • Mentor management