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Status unknown
Country United Kingdom
State or District Hampshire
City Southampton
Date of founding 2009/05/20
Last Updated 2013-03-28
IRC irc://
Snail mail

United Kingdom

Membership fee Membership is via So Make It - pay what you think the space is worth, min £5/mo. We require an average of £20/mo per member in order to stay alive.
Size of rooms 500 sq ft
Location 50° 55' 54.53" N, 1° 24' 1.95" W

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We've incorporated as So Make It, and are maintaining SoutHACKton as the hacker subgroup of the space.

Read more about us on our website, or join our mailing list!


Component Suppliers

Sure Electronics [1]

RS Components [2]

Rapid [3]

Maplin [4]

RSH Electronics [5]

Ideas for Workshops[edit]

Taken from Google group conversation around 13/09/2012

  • python 101 (led tutorial + exercises/practical problem)
  • 'advanced' python (dojo style problems, discuss a particular module/library (twisted, nltk, ...), etc.)
  • javascript 101
  • 'advanced' javascript (e.g., build a single page app using node, backbone, jquery, less)
  • a funky new language (e.g, Im currently learning clojure and its great fun, other options could be haskell, go, ...)
  • arduino 101
  • FPGA introduction - what they are, what they're good at and first steps for enthusiasts
  • SuperCollider - generative audio ("SuperCollider is an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition.")
  • PureData - Real-time graphical dataflow programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.
  • Live coding - using something like Fluxus or mr doobs three.js
  • Generative art / graphics - intro