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The call-in conference opens at 02 pm PST / 05 pm EST / 10 pm UTC / 11 pm CET / @458 BMT.

All information for dial-in can be found on the general Call-in page!

To give an update, please RSVP here:

The schedule (EST)[edit]

  • 05.00 (@458) to 05.10 - chatter
  • 05.10 (@465) to 05.25 - intro
  • 05.25 (@475) - open end - updates for all spaces that want to say something; strict 05 min time limit.

Updates From Those Who Cannot Attend[edit]

Hey everyone, I'm afraid I can't make it on the call today! So, a short update from the side: The first part of the book is finished, yay! As I'm writing single pdfs for every hackerspace & have send these to every participant, please have a look at the 'basic' information provided (name, address, etc.) & let me know the author/cc info for each photograph we featured so I can have a copyleft-listing included in the appendix. Besides that... I can't really think of anything specific right now - if you have further questions, let me know (I'll be on IRC throughout the call-in of course ;) Hack on, /astera

Paul from Twin Cities Maker, I missed the call, we will be sure to call in next month sorry for the confusion.

March 01st: Participate[edit]

Join #hackerspaces on to discuss your participation and write your contact here!

Audio recordings[edit]

the audio recording of the March 1, 2009 hackerspaces call-in is available right here.