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First name Nick
Last Name Farr
Last Updated 2014-09-19
E-Mail Address
Member of HacDC
Country United States of America
City Washington D.C.

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"Nick Farr is the Johnny Appleseed of Hacker Spaces" [1] - Bre Pettis

Current Position[edit]

Minister of Finance of HacDC


  • E-mail: [2]
  • Phone: (202) 316-5850
  • Snail Mail: National Capitol 1208, 20013-1208, USA


Q: Will Nick Farr come visit my hackerspace?

A: Yes. Soon.

Q: Is Nick a spy or secret agent or some kind?

A: No. He is an accountant, and accountants are way more bad-ass than spies.

Q: I am an awesome hacker chick. Does he have a crush on me?

A: No. Everyone knows his heart belongs to Laura Burhenn