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Status active
Country Austria

State or District


City Vienna

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-08-20




+43 720 00 23 23




Snail mail

Rathausstraße 6
1010 Vienna

Number of members


Membership fee

EUR 20 per month

Size of rooms


Members AndiS, Astera, Burning, Consti, Consti, Cr4shkitten, Enki, Fin, Gnarfoo, Kewagi, Kintel, Kyrah, Lfittl, MacLemon, MovGP0, Overflo, Pk, Red667, Scriptythekid
Location 48° 12' 33", 16° 21' 21"
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Entrance of the metalab

The Metalab is a 230sqm non-profit hackerspace in Vienna's first district - right next to the vienna city hall. It offers space for free exchange of information, and collaboration between technical-creative enthusiasts, hackers and founders. Metalab is dedicated to providing infrastructure for projects and offers a physical space for interested people from the wide fields of IT, new media, and hacker culture.

Metalab's expenses are covered by the membership fees of over 150 paying members. Private and Corporate sponsoring, allow the expansion and improvement of the space, purchase of equipment, and realization of bigger projects.

Lecture held at the metalab

Metalab featured various high quality talks and workshops with various personalities from the tech and culture field. The members of the Metalab initiated many digital culture and digital art projects in Vienna. The Metalab was also part of Paraflows 2006 and 2007, an international festival for net cultures and net art. In 2012 over 600 different events happened in the Metalab according to the eventcalendar.


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