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Set your Timezone[edit]

Please Log-In, go to Preferences, select Date and Time and fill in the time offset correctly. Please remember to change this if you are living in a daylight saving zone.

Current Time[edit]

The Swatch Internet Time at last Page refresh was @956 BMT. See also the Swatch Internet Time Converter And Display for conversion.


Get the .beats time in Javascript:

.beats Clock jQuery plugin: -- seems that it's not refreshing fast enough, there may need some improvements.

Swatch Time in your OS[edit]


On Gnome you can try the Gnome Beats Applet. -the link was broken the last time I checked.

Or GNOME Internet Time applet - Github

And you can still use Gnomes native Clock-Applet.


please give a hint here.

Mac OS X[edit]

There is a Dashboard Widget available at macupdate. There's also a little display that will sit in your menu and give a constant readout here.


If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can install the swatch internet time sidebar gadget. - broken link

On Windows XP/Vista/7 (and MacOS X >10.3), you could try Yahoo! Widgets. Therearemultiplewidgetsavailable.

On any Windows systray: TheBeat

Please note that Windows sets the BIOS time to your local time rather than UTC, which might result in a false time when using other systems in Dual Boot mode.