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(Baltimore) Harford Hackerspace +$50 / Month  +


..::c0re1ndustries::.. +NA  +


/dev/null +20BGN  +
/dev/space +At the Moment membership fees are 0€.  +
/dev/tal +5 / 13,37 / 23 EUR  +
/emdria +Actually nothing.  +
/tmp/lab +30 euros /year  +


091 Labs +€30 - Regular rate €20 - Student/Unemployed  +


10BitWorks +40$ a month, although we're flexible with students and others. Please email us for details.  +
10bitworks +USD/monthly -- FREE to $50 in $10 increments  +


20Mission +Rent  +
23b Shop +$200/mo  +
2600Thailand +Free of charge  +


330ohms Makerspace +Free for "Tardes de Makers" event  +
3D Berlin Headquarter +free  +
3D Druckzentrum Ruhr +no fee, donation  +
3D Printing Makerspace San Diego +Free  +
3HACK.PL +Currently there is no monthly membership fee. We charge only for the actual meetings, usually in a donation format. We organize 1-2 meetings monthly, we're super happy with every donation exceeding 10PLN per participant.  +
3drevolution +Por enquanto não há membership fee!!  +


4-H Robotics & Technology Club +US$10 per year for kids 5 - 19, adults free, project and materials fees extra.  +
406 hackerspace +donations accepted  +


505 Labs +$0.00  +
57North +20GBP/month  +


757 Makerspace +$125USD Monthly/$1,200USD Yearly. Day passes available and discounts for active students, teachers and military. Other terms available based on needs of the project/users.  +
757Labs +757 Labs is a hackerspace located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. We are located at the corner of Bute Street and Duke Street. 757 Labs provides a place to share technical resources and knowledge. It's a place for hackers (in the proper use of the term) and makers to come together and work on projects. These projects include artistic endeavors, computer gaming, electronics repair, hardware disassembly & reengineering, music jamming, and software design. The lab is also used by some local technology user groups to host meetings and give presentations. Our list of resources and tools is quite lengthy, so visit the wiki for more details. Membership is open to the public, but requires approval by existing members, and includes monthly dues of $50/month. Feel free to contact us to arrange a visit, though you can also check our events listing and Facebook page for Open Hack Days / Nights -- these are opportunities for everyone to check out at the lab: hang-out with lab members, talk about our ongoing projects, and tour the facilities.  +
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