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Country United Kingdom

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City Nottingham

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Last Updated 2016-02-22



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Unit F6 BizSpace Alfred Street South
NG3 1JH Nottingham
United Kingdom

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Pay-What-You-Like Wednesday's Open Night is always Free Workshops will be priced on the website

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Location 52° 57' 20", -1° 8' 8"

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The Nottingham Hackspace (Moved to new premises in May 2011 - now with lots of added space)

Nottinghack meet regularly for planned workshops and open hack meetings.

We have an open to all hack night on Wednesdays from about 18:30 (Our door is on Alfred Street South, we are up a spiral staircase on the 1st floor )

What is Nottinghack? A Nottingham based group for hackers, makers and crafty creatives!

What Hacking isn't! NOT to be confused with network hacking, identity theft and computer virus' spreading etc.... Nottinghack does not condone anything illegal... Hardware Hacking is a creative, educational hobby!

Who is it for? You'll probably be interested in electronics, robotics, DIY, hardware hacking, photography, computing, reverse engineering, prototyping, film making, animation, building RC vehicles and other creative challenges and projects.

You'll be looking for a group who can share tools, techniques and time... pool resources for bigger projects, get funding, discounts on kits and components and start classes... maybe rent a space for you to use!

Where? Meeting at the Art Organisation on Station Street Nottingham we have WiFi, kitchen, toilets, tools, advice etc as well as plenty of space

Members might also like: Wired Magazine,,, Make Magazine, Maker Faire, Mythbusters, Prototype This, NYC Resitor, FIZZPOP, HACMAN, Mad Lab,,,, Brainiac....

You'll want to learn more and share your knowledge with other in: Soldering, electronics, model making, woodwork, CNC milling, programming, metal work, engineering, problem solving, creative media, robotics, RC model making etc

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