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The call-in conference opens at 2 pm PDT (UTC-7) / 5 pm EDT (UTC-4) / 21:00 UTC / 23:00 CEST (UTC+2)

All information for dial-in can be found on the general Call-in page!

To give an update, please RSVP here:

The schedule (UTC)[edit]

  • 21:00 - chatter
  • 21:10 - intro
  • 21:25 - open end - updates for all spaces that want to say something; strict 05 min time limit.

Participate on IRC[edit]

Join #hackerspaces on to discuss your participation and write your contact here!

Join #telephreak on for telephreak support, issues, Beave & rodent.

Not attending the call-in?[edit]

If there's anything you want mentioned on the call-in, but you or a fellow member of your hackerspace cannot make the call, let us know here!

Not sure if I can attend, but I'd like a mention of some updates on updates: new planet, notifications resumed (hellekin fail), 26C3 (Hellekin)

Audio recordings[edit]