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Ad-hoc minutes posted at in PDF format, please send corrections to

audio recording[edit]

there is a commentable version of the recording at

temp URL: please mirror / put on (upload limit?)

The conference room opens at 4:50 EST Sunday Nov 30th (1:50 pm PST / 9:50pm UTC / 10:50pm CET). Phone in at 1-518-825-1400 (East Coast) the room code (aka Participant Access Code) is 45434 We have 30 'slots' on the call in.

To give an update, please R.S.V.P. on the call-in page at If you really honestly can't figure out how to use a wiki, *sigh* RSVP to Astera via email.

The schedule[edit]

Nov 30th: Participate[edit]

Join #hackerspaces on to discuss your participation and write your contact here: