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So the world's been fucked for awhile.

You've been used, abused, assaulted, lied to, disenfranchised, discarded, marginalized. You've had to settle for artificial food, boxy houses with carpet, car culture, and needle-medicine. Have you noticed that the United States suffers from multiple, undiagnosed mental disorders of psychopathy, bi-polarism (democrat or republican, christian or radical), and schizophrenia (Dept. of Justice under the Executive Branch)? The three "me"s: meat, media, and medications. These have totally pummeled the soul for decades.

If you haven't given in to drugs, there's still hope. Keep in mind the American Indians have been dealing with this failure for over a century. So don't fall for self-pity and "powerlessness".

The hackerspace movement is simply an infrastructure to facilitate a new economic domain -- physical spaces to combine art, science, and culture towards the facilitation of a global village. It contains within it the seeds for a complete, alternative currency system that can integrate with CSA/Permaculture, bike collectives, kitchen co-operatives, and hackerlofts to create a new, post-Industrial economic system and Tree of Life. It's just a bridge to a world we can believe in. It's not a technology project even though it has (or will have) the most rad tools anywhere. Check out materials for hacktivists and lawyers interested in making a world that America's founders intended.

There's also the obligatory Manifesto.

Four trend indicators to inform the citizens:

  • Wired: part of the revolution (like the wiki, GNU)
  • Tired: still useful but not living up to its potential (GNOME, *diaspora, maybe linux)
  • Expired: no longer useful or defunct (Javascript)
  • Fired: going gangbusters but failing our mission. (facebook)

Together, these spell What The Exact Fuck is going on? And, right here, kids/friends, is y/our solution.... ignite it and start fighting because the PICs (People-in-Charge) are sending us up the mountain, but the bridge is out.