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Theory about hackerspaces comes from and cuts accross various disciplinary, methodological and theoretical traditions. A loose and evolving set of links that reflect the diversity of interest in hackerspaces. Add more!


  • What is a hacker? How is "hacker" different from "maker"/"geek"/"nerd"?
  • How is hacking political?
  • What is theory? What is a definition? Why is this important to hackers?
  • Micro (individual) to macro (collective) hacking
  • Organization: How to start and upkeep hackspaces (from a community & infrastructure perspective)?
  • Critical theory and cultures of hackerspaces: What are the intersections between hackerspaces and shared culture (F/OSS, hacker culture, etc.)? How do they relate to larger political and economic issues?
  • Learning: How can the activities in hackerspaces be seen as learning?
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