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To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god. --Jorge Luis Borges

Hello, I am:

and can be reached at dreamingforward(@) or github/theProphet.

I am not:

My definition of a hacker is one who can take things apart, and then put it back together. The elite hacker can put it back in a way that improves form and/or function and is as good as the original. Programmers, mechanics, tinkerers...

DM, Coder, Manager (Network & Telecom), PhD, non-religious spiritualist, activist. I'll lead your hackerspace without ever telling you what to do -- no salary required: only some committed individuals and a decent space. Everyone's considered an equal, but I won't make false=true. You can check <> for some credentials (and contact info). Simple residency or couch? Good enough.

Mark Janssen,yours truly, is a PLU (Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA) graduate in Computer Engineering, became Director of Networking and Telecommunications for the University, then dropped out of the standard economic model to self-fund research in Artificial Intelligence where he formed a basis for self-generating, self-organizing systems of information. Presently he’s waiting for anyone else who wants to make a better world that won’t deteriorate from apathy, debt and consumerism, disease, and environmental collapse. Hundreds of messages have gone out to various luminaries and leaders to this effect, but nothing has returned. Take in more at linkedin if you can handle it.

To find me, contact dreamingforward(at)gmail(dot)com, twitter: @Xer0Dynamite, or
....follow the One True Path.

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