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This is a list of requirements for software that is still incomplete or non-existent.
For a list of existing software, have a look at Hackerspace Software.

Mailing-list/Forum/Usenet interface[edit]

  • New Mailinglist-interface, which has all the traditional features, but
    • is small and fast
    • supports https
    • features separation of frontend (website) and backend (configure user/data/configuration managment)
      • Communication between front- and backend via unix domain sockets/pipes
      • backend a wrapper for unix-/mysql-accounts-tools
  • Fancier stuff:
    • One protocol, multiple clients (forum, mail, usenet)
      • Existing stuff in this line of thought (but not perfect): [1] [2]
      • Another existing project is FUD Forum, includes support for synchronizing a mailing list and the forums
    • Thunderbird addon that fetches pre-list-subscription thread emails from the mailing list's archive.

Hacker Con(gress) tool[edit]

  • Tool for supporting of planning a small hackerspace congres
    • user management
    • billing interface
    • doodle-interface
    • lecture-management

possible solutions[edit]

Member Status/Management tool[edit]

  • list members. Membership level.
  • allow for plugins that interface with different databases (i.e. setting MediaWiki user group)
  • Check who owes dues or work-time / who paid his fee at what date
    • Arch Reactor OS handles paying dues via paypal or admins can record other methods, not yet work time
  • check who was at the last mtg
  • automatically create lists for public authorities
  • member-actions
    • allow members to opt-in to several services (i.e. short message on occupancy status change, phone directory accessible only to members of the space)
    • allow members to use services (i.e. create trac environment, svn repositories)


Object library[edit]

  • List tools/equipment/books/magazines
  • List what can be checked out
    • who it is checked out to last
    • if it is checked out
  • List of what tools need training
    • who is trained
    • who can do training
  • Track how often/much the tool is used.
  • where the tool is stored (maybe 2 QR code or photo too)
  • List consumables that need to be bought


  • The Labelz project solves some of this problems: The 31337 way of labeling objects
  • See also SKDB, a project that strives to be "apt-get for hardware" and an object library system. It does not have inventory management at the moment (2010-03-27).
  • The QRCode extension for mediawiki, developed at syn2cat, automatically generates qrcodes for wikipage urls or other contents and is to be understood as the first step in our larger stock management project.
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