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Roaming Membership[edit]

This page is a rough description of Roaming Membership for hackerspaces in the USA. Roaming Membership refers to how and what privileges a member of a hackerspace has *at other spaces* based on their current membership, and the level of cooperation their home space has with others in the system.

If your hackerspace has a collaboriave membership sharing setup with other spaces, please add it, and if we don't have a good description for your cross-membership system, please add a new section with a description.


Almost all hackerspaces accept other hackers (members of a space or not) as visitors. Local hackerspace rules run from 'you can visit when someone is in our space' through 'you can have keys and let yourself in as a visitor.' If you are on the road, check with the hackerspaces you are visiting to see how much access and availablity you get as a visitor.

Full Reciprocal Membership[edit]

Full Reciprocal Membership mean that a hacker from space A has full membership in the other spaces listed. With full Full Reciprocal Membership a hacker had the right to everything (except voting) at the other spaces in the alliance, including keys.

Spaces participating in Full Reciprocal Membership
Name of Hackerspace Reciprocate Space 1 Reciprocate Space N
Example Space 1 reciprocate Example 2 reciprocate Example 3

Automatic Basic Membership[edit]

Automatic Basic Membership mean that a hacker from space A has basic access rights to the other spaces listed. With Automatic Basic Membership a hacker has automatic 'basic membership' of the lowest level in the space they are visiting, with the minimum of they have the right to be in the space and use basic resources when members from the local space are there.

Spaces participating in Automatic Bsic Membership
Name of Hackerspace All Members of all hackerspaces are 'Basic' members Specific Hackerspaces that are 'basic' members
Crash Space yes
Noisebridge yes
Arch_Reactor yes
Alpha One Labs yes