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SMW user manual


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Semantic MediaWiki (or SMW for short) is an extension to the well-known MediaWiki software. The purpose of SMW is to allow users to improve the structure and organization of the knowledge in a wiki by adding simple, machine-processable information to wiki articles. With this additional information, you can greatly improve searching, browsing, and sharing the wiki's knowledge; both within the wiki's pages and from external computer programs.

This is the user manual of SMW that focusses on information for users of an SMW-enabled wiki. If you are new to SMW, then the introduction to Semantic MediaWiki is a good starting point. Information for site administrators and for SMW developers (including information on the spinoff extensions of SMW) can be found on the main page.

The main sections of this handbook explain the most important aspects of using SMW:

These sections are relevant to different user groups, and need not be read in sequence. Detailed navigation is provided by the table of contents on the right. Other relevant parts of this handbook include:

There are other resources that you might find useful:

  • The SMW Quick Reference Guide, available in both PNG and PDF form - a one-page "cheat sheet", suitable for printing, that includes information on the syntax of SMW, plus those of the spinoff extensions Semantic Forms, Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Google Maps and Semantic Drilldown.
  • The SMW Community Wiki, an SMW-based site that lists people, organizations, sites etc. that are related to Semantic MediaWiki. Includes a filterable list of all known SMW-based wikis.
  • The public sandbox site - lets you try out SMW online
  • Referata, a wiki hosting site that includes support for SMW and most of its extensions. It also includes the scratchpad wiki, which is very similar to the sandbox but also offers support for the other extensions.

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.0 to the most current version.
Other versions: ≥ 1, 0.1, 1.3, 1.2       Other languages: de,_fr,_nl